Friday, 7 August 2015

'How I Base' Series: Battlefield Debris

Basing Miniature's Technique I - Battlefield Debris

I wanted to share how I based my Beastmen army for 8th Edition Warhammer, I have tried to take photos of each phase. It was pretty easy and quick which is what I wanted, my upcoming Wood Elves army is slightly trickier and still trying to get ideas on what to do.. So again any suggestions welcome for that one on how to do a good forest theme with a mystical aspect too.

So onto the bases for this, as I said they were quick and easy but gave a great battle field theme. 

The first step was to PVA the bases and add sand to them, although I was going over these later, it gave a rougher surface to start from when applying the texture paints. 
I added some stones and rocks, some skulls and weapons at this stage too.

The next stage, once the PVA was dry ( about 12 hours) was to paint all the bases with dryad bark to give a good base colour for the mud. I also painted the debris and rocks too. 

The next stage was to start building up the textures. So first I used Stirland Mud in a large quantity, spread it about the base not really worrying about it getting on the rocks and debris. This paint takes a while to dry, but just before it is completely solid I added in some Lustrian Undergrowth to add another layer of moss and crushed grass. 

After this fully dried, I washed the mud with Agrax Earthshade and the Lustrian with Camoshade to add some depth. The rocks and debris was also washed at this stage. 

So this next stage is always my favourite on scenery and bases. Drybrushing! And lots of it! Ushabti Bone is a great paint to use, make sure there is hardly any paint on the brush and gently brush the surface of the mud parts, then drybursh the Undergrowth with a light green colour (forget the name..) and the rocks with a light grey, administrative grey (sorry if that is completely wrong name). Then with barely anything on the brush, use truant skull to drybrush the whole base. This really helps blend the colours together.

For a final touch, add in some static grass to random areas, I mostly put this around rocks and along the edges of the Undergrowth to give a better effect. 

As a little extra, a bit of Blood for the Blood God really helped give the bases a story to tell. 

Paint the edges of the base again with dryad bark to finish them off.

So that's it. A quick guide to making good looking battlefield bases. 

Hope this helps some of you. I will definitely be using this technique again the future for another army. 

Happy Hobbying!! 

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