Friday, 7 August 2015

'Showcase' Series: Warherd, Ghorgon

Series: Up Close and Personal - BP I (Ghorgon)

As part of this series I am going to try and show some Close up images of some of my mini's or monsters. 

I will details colours used and techniques. 

This first post will show The Ghorgon model from Games Workshop Beastmen range. I love this model, it to me is the essence of what Beastmen are, savage, hungry, frenzied animals. 

The kit it comes in can either make the Ghorgon or a Cygor.

  1. Building the kit..
Bigger kits are normally a bit trickier to put together and this was no exception; the plastic is places was warped slightly and didn't snap together as it probably should have, a bit of greenstuff fixed the issues but took a little of 3 hours just to build it.

     2. Priming..

I used GW Black spray paint to prime the kit, I love this, it is a little over priced as like most of the GW stuff but, it drys smooth and is thin so doesn't clog detail.

     3. Base Coating..

So the main part of the model is the skin, this took me quite a while to get right. Tested many colours but ended on a Base of good old Bugmans Glow, make sure you water the paint down as you apply and apply 3 thin coats of this. The hairy areas I based in Rhinox Hide to give a good contrast between skin and hair, I done this after the first base coat of Bugmans, but before the 2nd and 3rd coats. This give you room to be a bit messy when applying the Rhinox. 

After this is was a case of painting Zandri Dust on bone, Leadbelcher on Metallics, XV-88 on straps and I went for Waaagh Flesh on Armour to match my army, but this can be anything. Finally Dryad Bark on Ropes.

This completed the base coating.

     4. Highlightling

  • The Skin was fully layered with Cadian Fleshtone, again thinned with water and multiple coats applied. 
  • The hair was washed with Agrax and Nuln Oil and then dry brushed with Tryant Skull to bring out the Texture. 
  • Bone was washed with Agrax and then highlighted with Ushabti Bone, 
  • Strapping washed with Agrax and Drybrushed with Ushabti Bone, 
  • Metal was washed with Agrax and Edge highlighted with Runefang Steel
  • Armour was washed with Bien Tiel and the dry brushed with a lighter green (Really need to remember this paint name)
  • Ropes washed with Nuln Oil.
     5. The Skin Tones..

There is an absolutely brilliant video by Duncan Rhodes on Warhammer TV in the End Times Series, he paints Boneripper and I completely stole this idea for the washing on my Ghorgon's skin.

Basically he uses a mix of Bugmans Glow and Lahmian Medium to paint in the recesses and muscle outlines of the skin. This really works on a big monster to give better shades whilst not covering the model in wash! If you haven't seen it... please go watch it.

A few more looks around the model to pick out some more highlights and finally add some Blood for the Blood God around his mouth and dripping down his body, as well as his weapons and claws and it is done.

Here are some pictures of the final finished model.

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