Tuesday, 29 September 2015

'How I Paint' Series: Bretonnia, Paladin BSB

Painting Bretonnia: Paladin BSB

I am using the current colour scheme as a base for my model as it will belong to the same house as the Bretonnian Lord, the Blue and White colour scheme.

I started with the horse, with a base, wash and dry brush, I then went onto the cloth on the horse, I slowly built up to the blue with multiple thin layers of Blue, washed with drakenhoff and the re applied the blue, just leaving the shade in the recesses. Finally I edge highlighted with Calgor Blue.

After this, I painted the strapping and reins with Mourning Brown, Painted the symbol badges and then added Palid Witch Flesh to the Small Shields around the horse. Also added a bit of yellow to the bottom of the cloth and started the base off with some BlackEarth Fire Texture paint.

I painted the Paladin as per the picture at the top. Being neat was key. Just got to finish the base and all done..

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

'How I Base' Series: Forest Undergrowth.

Basing My Wood Elves Age of Sigmar Army

So.. I am all in on AoS now! This being the case I thought I may as well base my Wood Elves on rounds as I hadn't done anything with the bases as of yet. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

'Showcase' Series: Khorne Bloodbound, Khorgorath

Painting Chaos: Khorgorath

There isn't much to write on this as the process of painting it is detailed brilliantly on the video above. All I can say is it was amazing to paint and I love the result!

Friday, 11 September 2015

'How I Paint' Series: Wood Elves, Wildwood Rangers

Painting Wood Elves - Wildwood Rangers

I have been putting these off for a while now, I have watched many videos and read many blogs on peoples techniques to paint them. 

I think finally I can attempt them and get them ticked off the list. They are great models with good detail, so that part should be easy, it is the free hand cloak details that worried me. Here is my way of painting them.


First step for me was to undercoat black and start the inside cloak details, 2 thin layers of Evil Scarlet and 2 thin layers of Wild Rider Red. Followed by a 75/25 mix of Wild Rider Red and Ceramic White to get the base colour right.
Then steadily Paint some swirls on the inside of the cloaks and wash with Red Glaze.

For their underclothes, i.e. the clothing under the cloak and armour, I used XV88 followed by a wash of Sepia and then highlighted back up with a mix of XV88 and Ushabti Bone

I bit the bullet at this point and removed all the arms, luckily i used superglue so most just popped off, this enabled me to get to the front clothes. I painted Rhinox hide on the belt and cloth and then gold on the chainmail and some details and ushabti bone on some edge highlights.

The back of the cloaks were a mix of Rhinox Hide and Tuskgor Fur, washed with agrax earth shade. Gold details re painted and then edge highlighted with Evil Scarlet on the hood to bring out details.

Faces were painted with bugmans, cadian and Fleshtone.

My next step was to start painting the arms and weapons. Skin was painted as per face, but while this was drying, I drybrushed the back of the cloak with XV88, just to give it a slightly worn look.

Final step was for the weapons and the banner. Painted using Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil and Runefang Steel.

The Banner was Fire Bright Orange, washed with Crimson, and then a mix of Yellow and XV88 for the middle, I am not sure whether to try free hand on the banner or transfers at the moment.

And finally the basing was done in a forest theme. On Rounds!