Wednesday, 16 September 2015

'How I Base' Series: Forest Undergrowth.

Basing My Wood Elves Age of Sigmar Army

So.. I am all in on AoS now! This being the case I thought I may as well base my Wood Elves on rounds as I hadn't done anything with the bases as of yet. 

First thing was to add some rocks and sand for texture, as well as some resin tree stumps and scenery.

I then sprayed them all Black and done a heavy dry brush of Rhinox Hide.

I then added some texture paints on top to build up the bases and washed them with Nuln Oil.

And drybrushed them with tyrant skull and dawnstone for the rocks and tree stumps.

I superglued the Elves down before adding some undergrowth, Ivy and Flock to finish them off.

I used 25mm for regular infantry, 32mm for elites and 50mm for the Spellweaver. I also have some ovals for when the Sisters of Thorn are painted and another 50mm for the Waywatcher Lord when he is done too.

Thats it!, only took an evening to do them all, quick and easy to do.

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