Tuesday, 29 September 2015

'How I Paint' Series: Bretonnia, Paladin BSB

Painting Bretonnia: Paladin BSB

I am using the current colour scheme as a base for my model as it will belong to the same house as the Bretonnian Lord, the Blue and White colour scheme.

I started with the horse, with a base, wash and dry brush, I then went onto the cloth on the horse, I slowly built up to the blue with multiple thin layers of Blue, washed with drakenhoff and the re applied the blue, just leaving the shade in the recesses. Finally I edge highlighted with Calgor Blue.

After this, I painted the strapping and reins with Mourning Brown, Painted the symbol badges and then added Palid Witch Flesh to the Small Shields around the horse. Also added a bit of yellow to the bottom of the cloth and started the base off with some BlackEarth Fire Texture paint.

I painted the Paladin as per the picture at the top. Being neat was key. Just got to finish the base and all done..

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