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Empire Army - Age of Sigmar (Realm of Ghur)

Scottsdale Army - Age of Sigmar (Realm of Ghur)

The World seemed dark for an age. No sounds, no sights, just memories fading. Feelings had all but disappeared, the heat of the sun vanished. These were the End Times. But this was not the end of times, just a new chapter in the struggle for survival. Everything was different now; mightily empires that once ruled are no more. But the people who populated the world that was still had memories; their spirits although lost for that age between times would re emerge. From the ashes of the Olde World rose eight individual Realms, powered by the magic that ebbed and flowed. Their positions within this new plain of time cannot be calculated. The Realm of Ghur was the first to be born from the settling dust and many souls found their way here.

One such soul lost his past life on the edge of the void battling many foes to stop the ender of time. This was his last memory until that day his eyes opened once more. He found himself in darkness, the air was dense and his bones felt heavy. The sounds of the surrounding jungle were deafening, not with birds but something else. He heard screams coming from the dark. Screams of women and children, he quickly jumped to his feet and ran, it was cold but hard to breathe from humidity. He came across an opening in the forest where hundreds of men gathered. He noticed their clothes first, all were in dirty ripped clothes but all shared the same colours. The colours he himself was also wearing. He realized then, he had finally found his people.

He greeted his comrades, who like him were confused, tired and cold. No one seemed to be taking charge, there was no fire burning, no stew cooking and no one had water to drink. He asked the people if anyone was taking lead, but no one could say. He started gathering firewood himself; most of it was sodden but deeper into the jungle some dry branches and kindling could be found. He asked around for some help and soon a dozen had followed him to gather themselves what they could. They built the fire on the first night and with the light and warmth, the people who gathered there slowly started to sit, calmly and talk, the mood changed for a while.

One man approached and asked, ‘What is your name, sir?’ he paused for a moment, trying to remember himself. Finally a faded thought entered his mind and he said ‘Faji, Faji Scotts is my name.’ The man smiled to him, nodded and sat down. They shared stories of what they remembered; they discussed what was next to being done in this new place. A new home would be needed to house this band of men. So they devised plans of rebuilding. More and more sat with Faji, listening to him intently, many asked him what they should do and Faji, as if he naturally knew how to lead them, told them what needed to be done.

Scottsdale – BS 123 

General Faji Scott.

Having spent the last hundred years or so, rebuilding on the idea of the mighty empire of the olde world (Time seems to move much slower now). Faji leads by example, his heritage is strong and his army still bears the colours of his previous memories. He has explored many places in this realm as well as others, finding many an ally, but also many a foe. None more so than the savage Beastmen that dominate Ghur. He rides his trust griffin Taslia to war and is followed by probably the most impressive Army of Men in all Realm.

Captain Gerard Diablo

Faji’s trusted right hand man and banner bearer to Scottsdale is Gerard, a brave man whose strength is said to match that of the mighty Khorgorath’s. Diablo shares in Faji’s old ways and together they have started the process of rebuilding a mighty Empire in Ghur

Battle Wizards

Like the Empire set in the Old World, General Scott has given the wizards of the realm a place to practice their ways and improve and learn at schools of magic. Currently there are 4 schools of magic, heavens, light, beasts and death. This coincides with the Realms the people of Scottsdale have been able to explore and gain knowledge from to bring back. “Arknium viscum du lattie” which means “To gain knowledge is to gain power”


The bodyguard to the General, his most trained and strong swordsmen would rather die for the General than be seen as a coward.


DemiGryph Knights

Inner Circle Knights

Knights of the Blazing Sun

Luther Huss

Spearmen State Troops



Luminark of Hysh

Celestial Hurricanium

War Altar of Sigmar


Great Cannons

HellBlaster Volley Gun

Steam Tank

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