Monday, 30 November 2015

'How I Paint' Series: Bretonnia, Grail Knights

Painting Bretonnia: Grail Knights

I have wondered what I was going to do with these for a while. What to do to distinguish between these, the errants and regular knights. I researched other peoples attempts at painting grail's and finally found some inspiration on the round table forum.

There is a painter on there called Wind Sower, who does absolutely fantastic work. (Link to his Blog is below) His Grail Knights are particularly stunning and use a simple colour pallet to achieve the results. 

Now mine are nowhere near the quality, but it gave me some good ideas for my own.

Firstly, I painted the horses, 1 Black, 2 Grey, 1 Light Grey/White and 2 Brown.
Washed them and drybrushed the highlights on. The messy usual way I paint horses.

The Black Knight

The first up on the list was the Black Knight from the House Dufour, fluff can be found in the Bretonnian Army spread on this blog (here - at the bottom) .

Although he is the Black Knight, his colours are more dark shades on grey. He rides a Black horse. 
I won't go into colours used as I have done that on previous posts, but here are the WiP pics.

Sean - House Houghton

 Gregor - House Lucas

 George - House Lambert

 Karab - House Henry

Resa - House Moral

 All Together

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  1. Hello,

    great work with your knights. I like cleanliness of your models and colour schemes. I'm waiting for more. :)

    Wind Sower