Tuesday, 24 November 2015

'How I Paint' Series: Wood Elves, Waywatchers (LotR Mirkwood Models)

Painting Wood Elves: Waywatchers (LotR Mirkwood Models)

These are the last unit for my AoS Wood Elves army for now, completing the 20 pool choices needed for ClashComp. I will expand in the future after the current painting list has been completed. 

I decided on using the Lord of the Rings models for the waywatchers, the models are slender and dynamic and also costs a lot less than the Warhammer Waywatcher models. 

Again this Wood Elves army has been a speed paint experiment that has probably taken 30 hours in total to complete including the basing. I will go back over all the models to highlight them once the painting list is complete, but the speed paint technique has produced a good standard tabletop ready army that looks pretty good!

I undercoated them with Humbrol Army Green as this gives a good base colour to work from, I then mixed 2 parts Blue with 1 part Black to base the trousers, once this dried, I highlighted them with just Blue.

I then painted various parts with Dryad Bark, purposely not making the colour uniform on each model to add variety to them. This process was then done with 2 different shades of green on other clothing items and Steel Legion and Gorthor Brown for the arrows and pouch.

The skin was painted with Fleshtone and hair with Valejo Sand Colour. This was followed by a dip in Quickshade!

After this the highlights were painted on, trying to focus a direction from a light source.

So after the highlights were applied, I matt varnished them and rebased them and done!

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