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Beastmen: Age of Sigmar (Realm of Ghur)

Mojgorox 'The Risen': Age of Sigmar (Realm of Ghur)

"We rend! We destroy in the name of our father's! We care not of your thoughts and gains but only of your blood! We are hungry aren't we? This land is ours, given to us by father to breed, excrete and devour. We, your child farm these lands, like Father Nurgle's Virus, Like Father Khorne's carving knife, like Father Tzeentch's knowledge and Father Slaanesh's consumption. 

We are hungry aren't we? We devote ourselves to Chaos and destruction. We have travelled through the gardens, across the labyrinth, crossing the blood sea and participating in the everlasting orgy. We grow strong from blessings and we arrive in our home. Mojgorox; yes we! Lead the charge against order and death, only Chaos will survive!"

Mojgorox – BS (Time unknown)

Mojgorox 'The Risen'.

Mojgorox has seen many a time come an go, as an immortal, he can not be slain by mortal men and only if one of his fathers see fit he should return to the Realms of Chaos. The ending of the old world and his travels to the Realm of Ghur through Chaos split his mind into four, each quarter devoted to the different gods of Chaos. This drives him crazy as his mind battles like the dark gods themselves for supremacy. But his devotion to Chaos can not be matched. He ruled Ghur for thousands of years until the mortals started arriving. At first Mojgorox found this entertaining, hunting for sport, killing for fun. But soon the numbers grew too many and Ghur is a large place. The Age of the Beasts ended with the coming of Sigmar and the alliance with GorkaMorka. Mojgorox was recalled by the dark gods to Chaos, where he was tortured by Khorne, empowered by Tzeentch, fed by Slaanesh and cuddled by Nurgle until Chaos could rule gain. 

Now Sigmar returns again, Mojgorox is to be set upon the Realms once more, power running through his veins and death in his heart, he can rule once more.

Malagor 'The Dark Omen'.

Malagor is blessed by the Dark Gods and has been given the task of aiding Mojgorox to devour The force of Order. Malagor can travel through dimensions and needs not the use of Realmgates to do so. Malagor is able to predict the future and see's glimpses of prophecies and acts upon them. It is Malagor that sends The Beastmen to war and keeps Mojgorox in check.

Mazus 'The Bringer of Doom'.

Residing in the lands to the North of Scottsdale in the Realm of Ghur, Mazus is the leader of the Bulls. He stands above the already massive minotaurs of the Realm and his strength is matched to the wild Ghorgons that roam the lands. He is cunning and smart (Well for a minotaur), he fears none, not even the Dark Gods themselves, but will answer the slaughter call of Mojgorox, mainly because where Mojgorox goes, blood and feasting will follow.

Metak 'The Gore Master'.

To the east of Ghur lies a region unexplored by mortals. This area is wild beyond counting and is home to mammoth beasts and greenskin hordes. But one that finds home here goes by the name of Metak, a black furred minotaur that hunts prey twice his size. He leds a horde of beastmen that have been mutated and grown to match that of which they feed. Most in the regain fear the sound produced and so stay clear of the deep forests here, leaving the Beastmen in this region free to enact the cruelest rituals to gain favour with the Chaos gods. 


To go to war, to rend and destroy, to produce Blood offerings is the way of the Beast herds. none do so more regular that Fiendra, a huge wargor Beastman that finds home in the Indon region of Ghur. He leads only expect when he goes to war with Mojgorox, in this instance he is given the honour of holding aloft the Banner of the Herd which frenzies not only himself but the whole war band. Fiendra also found the coming of Sigmar to be a blessing; not because of the reasons most shared, but because the growing of the empires of men, the greenskin hordes, the alliance of aelfs and duardin meant only one thing to him, more war, more blood and more offerings to Khorne, his chosen master.



Mutation is a gift of Chaos and Calanax has been mutated beautifully. In the Jungles of Ghur, Cold Ones are very prominent. During the storm that gifted the Realms of life, Calanax, who was here long before got caught in the worst of it. He was blended with a cold one and set into a more pleasure image to the Chaos gods. 



Nurgle Ungor.

Most Beastmen do not follow any particular god, instead they roam the Realms committing evil in the name of Chaos itself. However some tribes do worship their favourite and in return are gifted with the traits of their favourite god. Nurgle, the grandfather of plague see's fit to 'improve' his followers with disease, turning skin into maggot ridden flesh and discolouring it green. These Bestrewn are blessed with toughness and slight immortality. 



Ungor Raiders.






Preyton are not part of the Beastmen warbands, instead they follow the tribes around as where Beastmen go, blood and flesh will be found. They are normally found scavenging off the remains of war after battles are won and lost, but some will join the Beasts of Chaos and aid them in rending an opposing army.





Be'lakor, the First Daemon Prince of Chaos, has known many different names. He is a creature who wields unholy weapons and abilities, and a figure who once commanded legions of unnatural beings. 

Be'lakor is, quite simply, one evil-looking miniature. His torso muscles are incredibly defined, as if carved out of rock, and upon it an eight-pointed scar. He has two ancient-looking horns covered with hooks, rings, chains and skulls, some of which are even attached to his immense wings. A chainmail loin cloth hangs down from his waist and he wears minimal armour plating across his animalistic legs. He possesses a long, rigid tail as part of his bestial appearance; he holds a huge, ragged blade above his head and with his other hand he points towards his next victim.

Herald of Nurgle.

This will be updated as more units are painted and photos taken..

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