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Wood Elves Army - Age of Sigmar (Realm of Ghur)

Oak of Ages - Age of Sigmar (Realm of Ghur)

“The journey is long, thwart with dangers, beasts and Chaos. But we wander no more brethren, we find home, the lost Oak of an Age long ago. We sit atop and look upon the Realm with delight and yet still we feel alone, a word we should be used to. Each day we blow the horn of the wood to call upon any wanderers yet to find existence, but all that answers be monsters bound for hell!

We find allies to the south, a Kingdom of Men adept to life within a forest. Everywhere else, we just find death and suffering. We came from the North, through a gate from another world, through woods that have life upon themselves. But we find home.”

Lord Silvan, King of the Woods – AS 12

Lord Silvan and Frewix.

The First Aelf through the gate and first to witness and breath the air of Ghur. Although the journey for each Aelf took mere minutes, due to nature of the Realm Gate, Silvan was alone for a 1000 years before any others joined him. During this time, he journeyed south, finding a race of men in Fangwood Forest, a primitive species who still-hunted and gathered. He spent many years here learning of the beasts that lurked in the Realm, he told stories of from whence he came of a goddess of life who sent them to explore the different worlds that lay beyond the gates. He told stories of the eight Realms that make up the mortal plains and the home he once had. In exchange he was given information of a great tree in the Forest of Ashqur to the northwest. An alliance grew and Silvan travelled to establish his home in the Oak of Ages.

Ariela – Spellweaver.

Those who look directly upon her will sprout leaves and branches and be consumed by the lands. Ariela was sent to aid Silvan in the search for other Aelfs within the Mortal Realms. Her own agenda was secret to only her. She aims to control a Realm for herself, massively jealous of the goddess of life; she wants it all for herself. She followed through the gate second after Silvan and immediately heard the horn blow. She found the land to be to her liking, untamed and wild, waiting for a touch of life. 

Oxoloth the Wanderer.

Oxoloth wandered these lands long before the arrival of Silvan; he had a tribe of waywatchers devote to his side. They searched for many years trying to find their kin. They knew of the Oak of Ages and hoped one day the air would be thick with the sound of Aelf horns and songs. Then the sound of the horn came. Only a Glade Lord can produce the sweet sounds from that instrument, echoing through the realm of magical winds of Ghur. He answered and made his way to the call. Oxoloth arrived before Ariela and helped the Glade Lord re build the Aelf way of life. They exchanged stories eagerly and learned many things. Oxoloth told of the different races that inhabit the lands. The nightwalkers to the north, the Bretonni to the southeast, the tree people to the east, the kingdom of men to the west and Ogor beyond.


Devoted followers of Oxoloth, they can cross the lands of Ghur with great ease. When they first arrived or awoke in the lands of Ghur they came across other races and joined a band for survival, the way of the waywatcher meant this could not last, they do not share their ways with any but the Aelf race and so many left, leaving a few to stay. They found Oxoloth upon a mountain, badly injured from a fight with a beast of massive proportion. They knew he was a mighty lord with his appearance and rejoiced at the sight of another of their kin.

Sisters of the Thorn

Most know nothing of the ways of the Sisters and most see them as an evil branch of Aelf. They are cunning and scheming, magic energies keep them tied to their steeds. They were sent with the wanderers through the gate to keep control of Ariela, as the goddess of Life knew she could not be fully trusted.

Wildwood Rangers

The ever-vigilant Rangers patrol the borders of the Wildwood - the home of the most dangerous and cruel of the forest spirits. When the fences are breached, the Rangers hold back the tide of dark spirits with their formidable glaives.

Glade Guard

When the need arises, every Asrai can answer the call to defend the forest of their homeland. All Wood Elves are taught the skill of archery once they are old enough to wield a bow. Once a Wood Elf comes of age, he or she is inducted into their household's Glade Guard and is given the responsibility of patrolling a section of the forest. It is the Glade Guard that first responds to intruders in the forest, swiftly killing the unwelcome before they know of the danger.

Glade Guard is the core of the Wood Elf army on the field of battle. Households fight alongside one another under the command of the nobles of their realm. Glade Guard fight in a manner that seems uncoordinated to other races. While all soldiers are expected to follow the broad orders of their general, each group is expected to take the initiative when the opportunity arises rather than wait for a command. The end result is a line of battle that undulates out and back in over itself while a rain of arrows pours into the enemy.

Glade Riders

The Glade Riders are perhaps the greatest horse-warriors of the Realm; their Aelf reflexes allow them to perform all manner of seemingly reckless acts that are far beyond the abilities of the lesser races.

Great Eagle

There has always been a great bond of kinship between the Elves and the Great Eagles, stretching back to the birth of the Elven race. That bond remains strong between the Wood Elves and the noble avians, and many families of eagles chose to make their homes in the heights of The Forest of Ashqur.


The first to arrive in the Realm of Ghur, this ancient being does not belong to the Aelf race, but is the Lord of the Slyvaneth. He commands all the forests of Ghur and can summon them to life whenever he chooses. It is Durthu who allowed Silvan to occupy the Oak of Age from remembering the Aelf alliance from a time that has been long forgotten by many. Many have tried before to find home here, and many have felt the full wrath of the Slyvaneth from this. He is very rarely seen, mostly spending his time travelling between realms, or spending centauries merely contemplating. When he does join battle, no one will survive.


The Slyvaneth Dryads are a howling, screaming manifestation of the forest’s wrath, falling upon those who defile their sacred glades with a malign violence that borders on glee. Dancing lithely between their opponents with a grace that belies their nature, they stab and choke foes with vicious talons, and few who invoke their wrath make it away alive.

This will be updated as more units are painted and photos taken.. 

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