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End Times: The Time of the Beast

End Times - The Time of the Beast..

The Rise of Mojgorox

South of middle mountain and Just north of Talabheim deep in the great forest, a brayherd gather under a Doombull named Srenirox and his bray shaman. Many beasts gathered chanting and barking speaking of an ancient prophecy of a great uprising. A massive wargor named Mojgorox sat on the edge of the clearing away from the gathered beasts plotting, contemplating what this could mean, he felt a surge of chaos swirling around the chants. It was whispering his name.. But this was no normal chaos magic that gripped the area. Out of the shadows Malagor the Dark Omen appeared to him, unseen by the rest of the herd. Again Mojgorox' name was whispered and as he turned Malagor told him, the prophecies would soon come to light and it was his time to challenge for the rule!

Mojgorox' got up suddenly with passion in his eyes. No mere gor had ever challenged a Minotaur let alone the areas most vicious and cruel Doombull. Yet his determination was true. He bellowed out Srenirox' name which crashed loud above the chants. Srenirox turned angry that somebody had the nerve to shout his name this way. He rushed over squared to Mojgorox. Mojgorox barked, "I challenge you!" Srenirox laughed so hard and for so long, but of course he accepted. Chanting grew louder as the stench of fresh meat soon filled the air. Mojgorox and Srenirox circled each other for what seemed like an age, one trying to intimidate the other. Mojgorox turned away seeming to not want the challenge after all. Srenirox crashed headlong towards this coward and raised his almighty axe to cut down, but with swifter movement as if suddenly graced by the chaos gods themselves Mojgorox turned and penetrated his cleaver deep into the neck of Srenirox and with one move... He was dead, silence hit the herd. Even shamans stopped in their wake. No one saw this coming, no one except Malagor.

At this point Malagor emerged from the shadow treetops and descended onto the herd stone, gors, ungors and Minotaurs dropped their knees to hail the dark omen. Malagor spoke of the prophecy and the time of the beast would soon rise out of the ashes. He spoke of the might of Mojgorox the chosen and that he would be the one to guide their race to the top. Mojgorox stepped forward and declared that that night all thirsts would be quenched and they would march to Talabheim for destruction and feasting, this stirred the herd into an uncontrolled frenzy. He summoned ungor scouts and sent them forth to gather the brayherds explaining that the prophecy is upon them and Mojgorox the bull slayer has been chosen by the gods to lead them. They left with hast. Mojgorox as a sign of his power allowed the herd to consume the remains of Srenirox and gather the Bulls strength. He called for a council of which Malagor would lead.

This went on for many hours finalising in Malagor flying off whither. His destination unknown to all but Mojgorox. Malagor was in fact travelling north the wastelands to speak with a legendary creature by the name of Taurox. You will be aware of a bull made of solid brass from earlier tales. Presumed to be long dead in his search for everlasting power, only Malagor knew of his true location close to the chaos portal at the North Pole.

Meanwhile Mojgorox bellowed for challenges to erupt around the herd stone. He said the 19 most gifted of the tribe could follow him directly and become his personal bestigors. Fights broke and many beastmen were slain that hour until there was but a few left, bloodied and bruised but hungrier than ever. Again as a gesture, Mojgorox allowed a feast of the fallen even allowing ungors to partake. After another few hours the scouts returned bringing with them only a few scattered gors. Mojgorox in his rage, brought his axe down on the scouts for failing. He screamed and ordered the March to Talabheim regardless. The shaman tried to convince him that this was not the time, by he ignored them all.

The herd arrived at the outskirts of the town around dawn. But in front of him he saw an army of the empire waiting to meet them. Luthor Huss, a friend and captain of the general of Talabheim, led this army. Luthor had been pre-warned by a witch of the mountain that had been spying on the herd as they chanted earlier that night. Mojgorox outraged and hungry flew down the slope from the woods to his impending doom, followed still by his small army knowing they were about to face a glorious death.

The battle although weighted in favour of the empire was epic. The beasts fought hard, fought long and fought glorious. Shaman able to do great things and powered by the grace of the gods were able to summon many a foul creature including ghorgons, Giants and even a dragon. Still the empire fought back. Minotaurs found themselves too busy with crunching bones between their teeth to realise they were being hounded by canon and mortar fire, eventually circuming themselves to the fodder. Beastmen were falling thick and fast, Mojgorox still enraged fought and hacked his way through the halberdiers and greatswords. Till finally on a hill in the middle of the battlefield he found Luthor himself. The two starred at each other catching breath.

No one knows who struck first but brayherds now chant about a great battle, a glorious bloody fight. Mojgorox hacked and sliced the legs clean off Luthor's horse with his great cleaver throwing Luthor to the ground. Striking down hard Mojgorox tried a killing blow but Luthor quickly parried. Punches were exchanged for quite a while until a final volley by Luthor put Mojgorox into his knees and with a final cut of his mighty sharp as a pin point sword sliced half of Mojgorox face clean away from the bone. Mojgorox fell and the herd retreated leaving his body among the fallen as if he was nothing to them.

Malagor felt this fall of Mojgorox from 2000 miles away, but instead of anger, there was an evil smirk as if he knew this was as planned. He left the wastelands having convinced Taurox to join him and flew down to the dead Mojgorox. He carried him to the centre of the great Forrest to his council of great bray-shaman and laid Mojgorox body beneath his personal herd stone. He started speaking in his own tongue, the tongue of the chaos gods themselves. The air turned black and the magic swirling summoned a hoard of 100,000 beastmen from far and wide. The area stank of foul things but Malagor continued till an explosion halted his speech. Then there was silence.

After some time, Malagor turned and addressed the beasts explaining Mojgorox the chosen had died for a reason. That he had been with the gods learning hateful things. That Mojgorox the chosen has become 'Mojgorox the risen!'

There were howls and barks as his body regained 'life' said with the loosest of terms. He rose among the bray and let out the loudest roar, rumored to have even been heard in the far away lands of the undead.

The herd roared back, now behind their new Lord. A few tried to challenge him not believing he was the one but were struck down with one blow each time. No one else dared go near.

He explained that he knew how to regain their land and had been promised by the gods that this was their time. At this point Taurox emerged from the Forrest and joined Mojgorox and Malagor at the foot of the stone. Mojgorox screamed loud that this was end times! This was the time of the beasts....