Wednesday, 25 November 2015

'How I Paint' Series: Wood Elves, Glade Lord on Great Stag

Painting Wood Elves: Glade Lord on Great Stag

So this is it, the last model (for now) of the Wood Elves and I decided to add in the General of the Army. 

After much thought I decided on the Glade Lord on Great Stag, not so much for rules but because it is pretty different to all other army generals. 

I liked the paint scheme Miniature Painters so I decided to go with that.

Building the model:

It is a metal model firstly and needed about 2 hours worth of cleaning work before I could even glue it together. Glueing the model was an absolute b***h, it does fit together and needed green stuff to fill lots of gaps and for some reason, probably due to the small joints glueing it took another couple of hours plus had to leave it overnight to properly dry.


Again, this seemed harder than normal, the black spray paint didn't seem to stick? Never had this problem before but needed 3 undercoats.


ok so now the good bit.

'How I Paint' Series: Bretonnia, Paladins on Foot

Painting Bretonnia: Paladins on Foot

I decided, as I didn't really like the old Paladin model from GW to spend some time on the internet looking for cool replacement alternate models.

I came across two models from Reaper that fitted the bill.

The first model is portrayed praying to the lady and comes from House Garcia and the second is a heavily armoured man with Sword and Shield and comes from House Lambert.

Below are some work in progress pictures.