Thursday, 24 December 2015

'How I Paint' Series: Bretonnia, Pegasus Knights

Painting Bretonnia: Pegasus Knights

These took me a little while to acquire as I thought the GW price was a bit steep for one model when you need 3! 
So after searching eBay I found a guy selling 3 individual models for £4 each so I snapped them all up. When they arrived, I soon realised that the GW price is actually not bad as the models are larger than expected and have gorgeous details.

I put them together (well two of them, one was already built and I had to break the rider off to be able to paint it properly). 

I started on the skin and wings of the Pegasus; I base coated Dawnstone, washed with agrax, drybrushed with dawnstone and then a lighter grey, the wings I drybrushed the elbow with tryant skull and tips with black. Skin done! :) 

 Next I painted the hairy bits with Gorthor Brown, the chainmail with Scale75 Heavy Metal and Gold with Retributor Gold. Washing with Agrax, Nuln and Fleshshade. Then highlighted with Tyrant Skull and Necron Compound.

All three knights come from House Holden from Fangwood Forest so the colours were Lothen Green and Sunset, washed and brough back again.


So here they are the finished article!