Monday, 19 December 2016

'How I paint' Series: The Great Green Torc

Welcome to my most ambitious project to date! For the upcoming Realm Hoppers Event on the 18th February in Margate, UK I wanted to have a centre piece terrain sculpt that is iconic in the AoS world. 

I have read through Godbeasts and my favourite part was the section in the Realm of Ghyran where they were fighting over the Great Green Torc, a huge floating isle which had its own seasons and climate, accessed through an umbilicus Realmgate, this Torc happens to be a necklace for Behemot, the world Titan and Archaons prize.

Monday, 12 December 2016

'How I Base' Series: Realm of Life, Plants

These pieces were bought cheap off eBay, its amazing what you can find by trawling though, looking for Fish Tank items, Reptile Tank items etc. just don't type in wargaming or modelling and you should find a bargain. The best thing about Age of Sigmar is anything is possible so you can pretty much use anything as terrain! 

I decided to base them all, so here is 'How I Base' them all.

'How I Paint' Series: Endless Deserts, Temple Pyramid

Good day to you all! Today I bring you my first scratch build terrain guide. I attempted and hope you agree, succeeded in sculpting, building and painting a 'Mayan' style temple pyramid using polystyrene. This was great fun and a great excuse to try my hands on my new Hot Wire Cutter toy. Here is 'How I Made' the piece.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Miniature Showcase: Chris Tomlin, Ironjawz Brutes

Welcome to another instalment of Miniature Showcase Friday. Been a few weeks since the last one and this one has been a few months in to the making. I am so glad I got to ask Chris Tomlin off the Black Sun a few questions about his Brutes. If you have seen them in the flesh, you will appreciate just how much has gone into making them look war torn and 'ard looking! I ask him below a few questions of techniques, colours and choices, as well as a few more questions about the AoS scene and what he is doing next. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

'How I Paint' - Realm of Ghur, Cartha Water Font

Today, I bring you my small terrain piece, The Font of Cartha. It is based on the water fountain in the audio drama series from Game Workshop, in the story, The Stormcast are holding a treetop city in the Realm of Ghur called Cartha, they tell tales of the font which for half the year, man can drink from without consequence with is titled the Time of Man. For the other time though, in The Time of the Beast, if you drink from the fountain, you basically turn into an Ungor! Seeing as I have a board at Realm Hoppers based on Cartha, I thought I would model it.

I found the water fountain and statue pieces on eBay, I cut a 3mm bit of ply and stuck down some Wills paving and Sand as well as the font using PVA

Monday, 28 November 2016

'How I Paint' Series: The Hobbit, Ruins of Osgiliath

This is another great terrain set I bought from GW, it is from the Hobbit section and is called the Ruins of Osgiliath. They have been doing a special offer of 3 sets for £54RRP and so I snapped it up. Again I wanted to show how far this set can stretch and this is how I build them up.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

#RAW16 HobbyHammer Army Lists

I have been asked a few times to list down the Army Lists taken by us to #RAW16, now bear in mind these army lists were for 2500 points in total and battle line restrictions could have been ignored. I have also included a small blurb on each army, but for the full discussion of the lists, you can listen to the new HobbyHammer podcast over at 

Sean Houghton - Free People: Legend = Bret Lord on Carmine Dragon

#RAW16 Game 3 - An Uneasy Truce

The third game was a doubles Coalition game, I was teamed up with Andy Talbot off Age of SigBrah and was against Jayson and Andy Burton. This was Stormcast and Free Peoples against Skaven and Khorne!

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Podcast: Prologue Episode, Ohh Baby!.. I like it RAW

Welcome to the first episode of HobbyHammer, a brand new podcast coming from us, The HobbyHammer club in Ramsgate, Kent. This was purely a tester episode that we recorded in the car coming back from the Event, but the quality was pretty good and the conversation wasn't shit, so we thought we may as well upload it and send it out into the big wide world.

#RAW16 Game 2 - The Quest Begins

Game 2 was against Simon Roberts (@simonroberts87) and his Grots! A smaller game at 1200 points and this time on the Realm of Ghyran Skyoak table. This game was so much fun, I love playing the Moonclan and their shenanigans. I was up against 80 Grots, 5 Fanatics, A shaman, his aspirant and a Magma dragon.

Straight away as soon as the Magma Dragon was placed I knew Reggio's goal in this game. He would become a legendary Dragon hunter and kill that thing. I had a secret Alliance objective too of killing his General who was his Aspirant. Set up was 12" around a Realmgate and 12" away from enemy deployment zone and you had to search for fragments hidden in Terrain pieces. 

Monday, 21 November 2016

#RAW16 Game 1 - The Legend of Reggio!

What a weekend! What an Event. I have just got back from #RAW16, the first of what I hope is a new kind of Age of Sigmar event, a narrative based 6 game mammoth event. First a massive shout out to the organisers and all round awesome people, Jim, Steve, Mark and Ming, Also a massive shout out to the fellow Legends, the participants and amazing new friends.

RAW16 enabled me to tell a story of Reggio and his Wolves of Ghur on their quest to learn more about the fragments buried around the Mortal Realms. He, like all the other players started his journey as a small aspirant, a warrior marked for greatness. I will try my best to tell his story through this post and hopefully give you a small look into just how awesome this was.

SPOiLER: Reggio done his job and will go down in history as The Most Famous, his reputation surpassing every other, although he died in a last brutal battle, his journey saw him do things no fear mortal should be able to.

Through the Realmgates:

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Warhamer Scenery, Chapel

Today I bring you a lost gem in the Warhammer scenery world! This is part of the old fortified manor which included the Watchtower and Walls and Fences, I managed to obtain one and once it was together, I realised just how awesome it is! 

Monday, 14 November 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Arcane Ruins

I wanted to log this down in a blog to show just how far this £18RRP terrain set can stretch with a little imagination and a bitz box.
Today I bring you all the terrain pieces for the various Realms using the Arcane Ruins set. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Chaos Dreadhold, Overlord Bastion

Today I bring you a mighty terrain piece, the Overlord Bastion.

This is first in a long series of How I paint terrain articles, some will be showing you how to paint up Games Workshop terrain, some will be other manufacturers and some will be scratch builds.

This thing firstly is huge and nearly broke me, I still have another Skull Keep and a Malificant Gate to paint up to, but here is How I done it.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Building the Rise of Empires; Realm Hoppers 2017

I probably bit off more than I could chew on this, but so far I have loved making, painting and building the terrain for the Realm Hoppers event in February 2017. I know this year is only a one layer, but I am mostly building for the future of this event too, knowing that from 2018 onwards it is to be a larger 2 day narrative event. Plus I wanted to make sure who ever comes to the event will be able to immerse themselves in the narrative feel as best as they can, the best way to make a great story is to play on great looking boards.

This page serves as the landing space for all the terrain pieces of the Realm Hoppers event, I have split the sections into the tables that will be played on, on the day. In time this will fill out as more and more pieces are finished, hopefully, my aim to have small 'How I Paint' series on the majority of the terrain to by clicking through on the relevant pictures. 

I hope you enjoy looking through! (Disclaimer: A lot of what you see is Work in Progress)

Table 1: Realm of Aqshy - Brimstone Peninsula (Fire)

Overlord Bastion (Centrepiece) 

Friday, 28 October 2016

Rise of Empires: Age of Sigmar Battle Report, Order Vs Chaos

Today we bring you the first Warhammer Age of Sigmar Battle Report, Kye and myself are playing Hold Or Die from the Mighty Battles Campaign Book. We do not use any points instead opting to try a Narrative Campaign. This begins a series of Battle Reports called The Rise of Empires.

Really Hope you enjoy and hopefully we will get more (better) reports to you soon!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Miniature Showcase: Adam Elford, Skaven Stormfiends and Clanrats

Today I have a small but amazing showcase with Adam Elford off Tales of Sigmar podcast. I have been following Adams work for a while, you may of seen his Lord of Change conversion and in fact his whole brush blended Tzeentch army. I had the opportunity to meet him in person a few weeks back as he came along to our club night to play some games, and therefore got to see his miniatures in person. I can tell you, they look fantastic in the pictures but this still does not do them justice to seeing them in hand.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

'How I Base' Series: Shattered Dominion, Ghur Ruseted Clockwork

Today I bring you my display board for Armies on Parade and #RAW. GW were kind enough to send me a single Shattered Dominion tile to paint up and review. I must say, the details on these tiles are amazing, so much going on but still not enough to distract from your miniatures when they finally get placed on them. I was really interested in seeing how well they took paint so got cracking pretty much straight away on it. Below is 'How I Paint' the board. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Colliegate Arcane, Battlemage on Griffin (Road to RAW16)

Today I bring you my latest model for my Free People army, the Battlemage on Griffon. I have wanted to paint this for a while and had it sitting in a box for a few years. I am attending Realm at War in a few weeks, so thought it the perfect opportunity to get it done. This is 'How I Paint' this miniature.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Miniature Showcase: Dictator Ming, Slaanesh Daemon

Lock up your daughters, cover your cats ears and make sure your dogs are sitting down, I got to chat to the one and only, the great.. no, the honourable Ming! I wanted to showcase his amazing centrepiece model, his converted Daemon Prince and also wanted to find out a little more into the background of this mysterious character (i.e. Ming). I have also been given a huge exclusive for the upcoming Realms At War! So read on and get a little turned on as we delve into the mind of strange.

Thursday, 29 September 2016

'How I Paint' Series - Carmine Dragon Part 2 (Road to #RAW16)

So today I bring you my painting log detailing How I paint the Carmine dragon, this model has taken me 2 months, the longest I have ever spent on a single model, but seeing as I paid a small fortune for it, I thought I should spend a little longer on it.

Here is how I painted the beast up!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Review: Pitched Battles, Battleplan - Gifts from the Heavens

Firstly I do apologise about the lack of updates on the blog, I have been furiously painting for RAW16 as well as helping a friend paint his army too, on top of this we have started the preparations for Realm Hoppers in February. 

I did, this week gone have quite a busy gaming week, I played a small one day tournament on Saturday in Folkestone, Kent which surprisingly I managed to get 1st place which was cool. I also played Adam James (@warhammernerd) on Tuesday night, we decided to try out a 2500 point warhost pitched battle using all restrictions and this battleplan. Adam had yet to play a pitched battle and was keen to try.

I managed to get lots of pictures and so give you my review of it below.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Silver Tower, Mistweaver Saih

I finally got round to painting another character from the Silver Tower boxset, this time the Mistweaver! Absolutely stunning model, great aesthetic. Below is my take on how I painted her, this post has quite a big use of an airbrush. If you decide to paint by hand, then to get the blends, you need to make all your layers into glazes, very thin versions of their colour. Use Vallejo Glaze Medium in a 50:50 mix and wipe most of the paint off the brush over your thumb before applying each layer. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Wanderers, Waywatchers

Again for a friend of mine, but actually the first time I have painted models that are so old! late 90's i believe. I received them already primed with Army Painter green, so had to work from there. These were a pretty quick unit to paint with the technique I used for the 47 Glade Guard. Below is some pics and how I done it.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Road to #RAW16 - Project Rebase!

I finally gave in and started the rebase project of my Brets and some Empire stuff. Dear god, why didn't I do this sooner! Bret Knights on Ovals just look damn sexy! Thought I would blog about how I done the bases.

Here is half of the project ahead, 43 cavalry, I tried to be lazy at first, by snipping the corners off the rectangle bases and then building up with Dark Earth texture and Sand. I wanted to blend the bases to the rest of my Order army, which includes Stormcast, Wanderers, Sylvaneth and Free People. The army is based in Ghur in the forests surrounding Cartha, a muddy overgrown region.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Wanderers, Nomad Prince

I have never thought of painting this model before, but painting to help my friend has meant I have needed to, and I am so glad I got the chance to. It is a fantastic model, and easier than i thought to achieve good results. Previously Araloth, now known as the Nomad Prince.

Friday, 26 August 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Wanderers, 47 Glade Guard

So I was asked by a friend to help him paint his wanderers army for #RAW16. I loved painting my Wood Elves back in 8th edition and was up for the challenge. The first unit he gave me, was 47 Glade Guard! Daunting to look at but when you break it down, it was ok. He only wanted a quick paint job and the only stipulation was to get a purple aspect on them. So below is how i tackled this.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Miniature Showcase: Rusty Moscola, Orruk Megasboss

So if anyone was following my Season of War campaign over at riseofempires then you would have seen I ran a painting competition too. There were so many fantastic entries but Rusty came out on top with this superb and unique megasboss from the IronJawz faction.

I managed to catch up with him after to get a quick interview on his hobby and the miniature in question.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Road to #RAW16 - Headswaps (Bret themed)

Just a really small update. I have started the process of head swapping my Empire models I want to be more Bret themed. I have started with my General on Griffin and Demigryph knights.

The process was pretty simple, just cut off old head, trim down a little and fit on new head. Paint it up and done.

Here are the pics below.

Monday, 15 August 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Silver Tower, Knight Questor

So I have finally started on the painting of the boxset, I umm'd and arr'd about what to start with, but in the end decided on the Heros. I have recently painted some Stormcast, so decided to start here. The Knight Questor!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Miniature Showcase: Alasdair Hutchinson, Weirdnob Shaman

Today I have pleasure in showing off Alasdair's Weirdnob. This was a miniature that entered the painting the competition a few weeks ago and I loved the Dark tones, something drew me in, so I managed to get a small interview and showcase from Alasdair to show it off.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Review: Pitched Battles, Battleplan - Escalation

This was the first 'Pitched Battle' battle plan I played through when I got the back back in June. I have played through most of the Pitched Battles and this is still my favourite. 

The board is split diagonally with three objectives along the middle line, you then split your army into 3 groups, the first group are set up from the beginning, the 2nd arrive in your second hero phase and 3rd in your third hero phase.

Who ever finished setting up first decides who has the first turn. You win the battle by gaining the most points from controlling objectives, to gain points you need more of your models within 6" of the objective at the end of the round. Scoring starts from the second battle round.

Monday, 8 August 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Silver Tower, Fyreslayer Doomseeker

Here we have the Fyreslayer Doomseeker, another hero from the Silver Tower boxset. Never painted Fyreslayers before, and I think this is the biggest appeal of the box game for a Hobbyist. The fact you can painted lots of various characters you wouldn't normally do. 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Road to #RAW16 - Carmine Dragon

So I have started on my journey! Well by started I mean, I have purchased a Carmine Dragon. Always wanted an excuse to get this model and now I have one! This shall play the part of my Legendary Character in RAW, I shall be getting a Bretonnian Lord to model on top of it. I am really hoping this won't be a massive amount of resculpting as i would like to use the Dragon on its own after the event, so need the option to remove the rider.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Silver Tower, Darkoath Chieftain

This is the Character I have been playing in Silver Tower, so I wanted to make sure he was a good one! Probably out of the 3 I have painted so far, this was my favourite, the details are amazing!

'How I paint' Series: Flesh Eater Courts, Terrorgheist

Part of the death army that I am doing, I decided to get this model done for the Mengel Miniatures painting competition for the Season of War. Love this model, it is so dynamic, plus its rules are pretty good too.

Here is how I painted it up.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Miniature Showcase: Kelly Freiborg, Sylvaneth!

 If you follow Games Workshop: Age of Sigmar on Facebook, you will have seen they sent her an Alarielle model to paint up, and what a model that was! A model which I have only seen painted in bright colours, interpreted completely differently and painted in a dark mysterious colour scheme. I spoke with Kelly before Games Workshop got their hands on her (hence no questions about this) and wanted to go back further though and talk to Kelly about the actual core of the Sylvaneth army she painted a few months back.

She has used a great idea of separating out the core into three distinct species of tree. I managed to chat with her about her life in the hobby and painting.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Road to #RAW16.. a HobbyHammer tale

So the countdown to #RAW16 has begun. Now I must think on what to bring. I painted up a Seraphon army especially for this tournament. I played 2 games with it and although it was strong, I found it boring... Doh

So, what was my next option, well I thought about jumping on a band wagon and starting a Sylvaneth army, or maybe even an Ironjawz army, but my mind kept pulling me back to my Bretonnians and Empire. All square based and packed away. I started playing around with some mixed Alliance lists and found some great fun in the Free People synergies that can be created. So the first step was complete. Free People!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Review: Season of War, Battleplan - Clash of Battlelines

So this week, our club played through the first of the Season of War campaigns, Clash of Battlelines. Instead of using the base as 10 models minimum, we used battline units. I was playing with my order army and was up against a Death army, led by Mannfred. 

His army was really choppy but didn't have any ranged power. He set up all his battle line units on the very edge, so I countered with some Liberators and Knights with the rest in the middle to buff.

The game was pretty brutal as units were in combat from the start. I used the command ability a few times to fall back and regroup and sent the Knights through the Realmgate on the last turn to effectively win the game. Mannfred is a beast in combat, Harbingers are amazing, but the save for the flyers in the Death army is pretty poo.

All in all, it was a great battle plan, but be aware it can get pretty grindy in the middle if you don't deploy correctly. Don't be afraid to chuck the battle line units as they come back again and again. 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Miniature Showcase: Amy Snuggs, Lord Celestant on Stardrake

Today I got chance to talk with Amy about her recent Stormcast model, the Stardrake! I'm sure if you are on twitter or Facebook, you have seen this models progress but here she goes into details about how she achieved some of the effects. I also talk with her about her life in the hobby and other bits. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, 18 July 2016

'How I paint' Series: Deathlords, Morghast Harbinger

I have wanted to paint these since the end times and finally had an excuse to get some done. I preferred the look of the Harbingers rather than the Archai so went with that. I also wanted to make sure they tied in with the rest of the army, so I undercoated white (except the armour, which I pre highlighted.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Miniature Showcase: Mark Mitzman, Megaboss on Maw-Krusha

All I can say is WOW, what a privilege to be able to feature such an amazing model on this Showcase blog. The colour tones are absolutely stunning, the detail is superb. Today I got to chat with Mitzy about the recent Maw-Krusha he painted as part of his Ironjawz collection. We talk painting, hobbying, gaming etc. Hope you like.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Review: Pitched Battles, Battleplan - Take and Hold

Tuesday just gone, down at the club, Kye and myself played through the first of the six battleplans in the Pitched Battles section of Matched Play in the Generals Handbook, Take and Hold.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Miniature Showcase: Sam Pearson, Vulkite Bezerkers

If you are registered to , then you will have probably seen some miniatures painted by someone called "bottle". The miniatures this guy creates are on another level. I will be focusing on these fyreslayer models for the miniature showcase, but go to the gallery on TGA and check out the other miniatures he has done. 

The tones and contrast of these minis are fantastic. Below is a few questions I managed to ask to find out a bit more about how the fyreslayers were painted and "bottle's" life in the hobby.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

'How I paint' Series: Nighthaunt, Hexwraiths

These models are fantastic. The detail and poses on them are superb, so dynamic. I have finally taken the plunge and ordered myself an airbrush, so thought these would be a great way of testing it out. (Note - Make sure you get a facemask)

Monday, 4 July 2016

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Review: The Generals Handbook

The General's Handbook!

Review by Sean of HobbyHammer

I was really excited to find a copy of the Generals Handbook (GH) on my doorstep from GW a few weeks earlier. I couldn't wait to get reading to see what direction Games Workshop are taking this game in. I have to say, I am not disappointed with them and this book is now a new bible for me. As the website name suggests, for me the game is all about Hobby, and if you have been following or been part of my other website,, you will also know narrative gameplay is huge for me. I was extremely excited by the 2nd way of playing and the release of the Summer campaign in The Realm of Life gave all of us at the club a huge Hobby boner. I have broken the book down into the three sections for review and will cover as much of it as possible, obviously this post is my review and so will contain my opinions, I have no official tie in with GW (apart from the financial tie in we all have). I will also conclude as to what I believe will be the next steps for Age of Sigmar.  

Friday, 1 July 2016

Miniature Showcase: Wayne Kemp, Ogroid (Silver Tower)

Today I managed to track Wayne Kemp off of HeelanHammer down for a few minutes to ask a few questions. Wayne is a major part of the AoS community for a lot of people. He co-hosts the podcast HeelanHammer, he is a part creator of the biggest Age of Sigmar tournament in the UK, The South Coast Grand Tournament, and now he has also had a large input on the upcoming Generals Handbook. On trolling through Twitter I was stopped by the a post of the finished model of Ogroid (part of the Silver Tower boxset). The vivid colours and contrasts Wayne has created look amazing, the zenithal effect of the skin and blended effects of the hooves and loin cloth are very striking.

This model is one of many Wayne has painted recently from the Silver Tower box. For more of his work go see him over on Twitter - @WayneKemp13

Miniature Showcase: Chris Bainbridge, Lord of Plague

I came across this model on and loved the effects Chris has managed to achieve on the model. The highlights on the armour and skin really impressed me and I wanted to find out more on how he created them. TGA or The Grand Alliance Community is a great place for Age of Sigmar at the moment, created by Ben off of BadDice podcast, it is a forum, blog spot, gallery and event holder full of people who love Age of Sigmar. I also managed to get a few questions answered by Chris to find out a bit more on techniques and himself generally as a hobbyer.