Monday, 25 January 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Seraphon, OldBlood on Carnosaur

Painting Seraphon - OldBlood on Carnosaur

So, throwing myself in the deep end of painting this army, I decided to paint the Carnosaur first. I liked the idea of the above image colour but changed the crest to a red instead.

This is an epic model and has given me a huge painting bug to do the rest. 

 I started by undercoating the model black, I then done a full coverage of Abbadon Black base coat. I then very lightly drybrushed the model with Eshin Grey to catch the scales on the main body.

With the belly, I followed the technique used on the Warhammer TV video of Archaon by drybrushing Rakarth Flesh and then building up layers to a solid colour. The transition between colours has never been my best thing but i blended using agrax and a medium and built it up slowly. I then done a final highlight on the belly with Palid Witch Flesh and the Black scales highlighted with Danwstone.

I painted the crest Mephiston Red by first dry brushing in the design and then filling in with pattern. I washed with Nuln Oil and repeated the drybrush and finally highlighted with Scarlett Red.

The Claws were based in Rhinox Hide, then layered with Gorthor Brown, blended with Nuln Oil, and the gums were painted with Bugmans Glow, shaded with Druchi Violet and highlighted with Cadian Fleshtone.  The teeth were based in Zandri Dust, washed with Fleshshade and then altered with Ushabti Bone.

Whilst waiting for the shades to dry, I started on the base, an all over base of Blue with a dry brush of temple guard blue, layered with Sotek Green mixed with 'ardcoat. Then covered with Agrellan Earth (a whole frickin pot!)

Next up was the gold, usual way of painting gold, Retributor, Fleshed and Necron Compound.

The final part to paint on the Carnosaur was the straps which were simply, Zandri Dust and Agrax. 

I then finished off the base by dry brushing with tyrant skull and glazing the crystals with a blue glaze mixed with 'ardcoat.

The Saddle

This again was primed black, then heavily drybrushed with Dawnstone, with a lighter dry brush of administration grey. Then a focused light source brush with White Scar. I base coated the horns in Rhinox Hide

I then blended in Ushabti Bone.

OldBlood Rider

I don't have many pictures of the progress of how he was painted, i tried a new technique and loved it. I got carried away and before I knew it, it was pretty much painted.

I have decided as said in previous post, I wanted to paint him in more natural colours like a Komodo Dragon. 

This is the technique I used, where you base coat first then dry brush various tones to highlight up and finish with a glaze of colour of your choice. 

I base coated the model skin and scales in Stegadon Scale Green, dry bushed all over with Loren Green, focus drybrushed with Etherium Blue and light source highlighted with White Scar.

The belly and skin was then glazed with Caliban Green and the Scales were glazed with Death World Forest with a final dry brush of Ogryn Camo.

The rest was metallics and bone painted in same way of Carnosaur.

I will post up a more detailed guide of this when I paint the Saurus Warriors.

So all thats left is final highlights!

So here he is!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Colours of the Seraphon

Colours of the Seraphon

I have debated with myself long and hard about what colours to paint my lizards. On one hand, I wanted to follow the normal blue, but on the other I wanted to go with a more 'natural' look.

I have finally decided to go more natural:

Saurus (Warriors and the Guard)

Saurus remind me of the Komodo Dragon, and I love the colours of this one which is native to Rinca, an island in Indonesia. Dark Underbelly and lighter scales on top.


A skink is a skink, this one which resides in Western California, latin name 'Plesriodon Skiltonianus', the colours are striking.


The Cold Ones are based on raptors and I found this artist impression which would make a great paint scheme. 


Kroxigor are based on crocodiles, so I will follow a neutral paint scheme for this.


Again being a dinosaur, there is no correct colour. So this artist impression is what I will follow, a nice earthy tone.


Based on the Spinosaurus, this is my favourite colour scheme I have found for this dinosaur. (Looking forward to this one)


I like the colour scheme of orange for these and will follow the GW colour scheme for these.

Monday, 4 January 2016

A New Year.. A New Army. What will I be doing in 2016?

A New Year.. A New Army. What will I be doing in 2016?

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all! I hope Santa brought you everything you wanted for Christmas. Personally I didn't get any models, just money and some new paint brushes. With the money I have been deciding what i will be doing army wise in 2016.

I have pretty much finished everything I had on the painting list, missed my 31st December goal slightly but nearly bang on. I only have 5 more Knights of the Realm to paint. Totalling up, I have painted close to 300 models in 2015 which is mental considering I feel I only got a few hours here and a few hours there to paint.

So 2016, going by GW's new slogan, 'A New Year, a New army' and the box sets that accompany this, I have decided what I will be doing this year. Seraphon! Always loved Lizards and the new priced boxsets sealed the deal. 

I have picked up the Thunderbeast Host boxset, a Skink Starpriest and now the new starter box (which I think is the best priced models/discount GW have ever done), which means my painting list for 2016 is already huge with some pretty big models!

In no particular order I have to paint:

Carnosaur with Oldblood
Engine of the Gods
Ripperdactyl Riders (3)
Scar Veteran on foot
Skink Starpriest 
Saurus Riders (8)
Saurus Warriors (12)

Of course this list will be bulked out as I decide on more units to add to the army, also of course there could be ties when I go off track and paint something else if I feel like it or GW release something that I can not resist (Which will happen).

But this list is large enough already and will give me plenty to do. Looking forward to learning new techniques and trying to better myself at painting!

Again Happy New Year and will update soon!