Thursday, 21 January 2016

Colours of the Seraphon

Colours of the Seraphon

I have debated with myself long and hard about what colours to paint my lizards. On one hand, I wanted to follow the normal blue, but on the other I wanted to go with a more 'natural' look.

I have finally decided to go more natural:

Saurus (Warriors and the Guard)

Saurus remind me of the Komodo Dragon, and I love the colours of this one which is native to Rinca, an island in Indonesia. Dark Underbelly and lighter scales on top.


A skink is a skink, this one which resides in Western California, latin name 'Plesriodon Skiltonianus', the colours are striking.


The Cold Ones are based on raptors and I found this artist impression which would make a great paint scheme. 


Kroxigor are based on crocodiles, so I will follow a neutral paint scheme for this.


Again being a dinosaur, there is no correct colour. So this artist impression is what I will follow, a nice earthy tone.


Based on the Spinosaurus, this is my favourite colour scheme I have found for this dinosaur. (Looking forward to this one)


I like the colour scheme of orange for these and will follow the GW colour scheme for these.

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