Wednesday, 24 February 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Seraphon, Bastiladon

Painting Seraphon: Bastiladon

Bringing the filth!

So I am onto the Bastiladon now, lovely model to put together. Everything fits perfectly. I have built it with the Solar Engine (for gaming reasons).

I started with base coating the skin with Khorne Red and the Armour plates with Stegadon Scale Green. 

I then drybrushed the belly with yellow and white scar so it gradually got lighter towards the middle.
The Armour was heavy dry brush with Loren Forest, then Skink Blue and Etherium blue towards the tips and white scar to pick out the markings.

Onto the glazes, I glazed the belly with 75/25 mix of Fire Bright Dragon and Mephiston Red and the Armour with Caliban Green, the tips with Yriel Yellow. But as you can see this needed to be blended better.

The next stages were all pretty easy and were done within 2 hours, Standard way of painting Gold (Retributor Gold, Reikland, Necron), The Skinks were painted in the same way as the Skink Startpriest and the Crystal in the same way as the base crystals (Altdorf Blue, Etherium dry brush and Blue Glaze mixed with 'ardcoat).

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