Tuesday, 2 February 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Seraphon, Skink Star Priest

Painting Seraphon: Skink Star Priest 

I love this little guy. I also loved the look of the GW painting scheme, so I changed my mind on what colours to paint my skinks. I went for the standard Blue in the end.

I based in Stegadon Scale Green and pre drybrushed with an all over Averland Sunset and lighter Etherium Blue. I then focused on the belly with Skink Blue and the Scales and light focus dry brush of White Scar.

I then glazed the skin with Temple Guard Blue and the Scales with Macragge Blue. The feathers were based with Khorne Red and drybrushed with White Scar.

Next up, the feathers. These were glazed with Mephiston Red, Averland Sunset and Moot Green and layered in (Kind of)

And finally, the Gold was standard, Retributor, Fleshshade and Necron drybrush. 
Based in the same way as rest of army and done!

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