Tuesday, 3 May 2016

'How I paint' Series: Painting Seraphon, Salamanders and Razordon

I took a break from painting the Seraphon to catch up on reading and also painting the Green Knight for my Brets. But I'm back on them now and decided next up would be the Salamanders and Razordons. 

They are resin models, so took a little time cleaning them up and getting them right, but after this I primed them all with Chaos Black.

I used Stegadon Scale Green as a base for the Skinks, Eshin Grey for the Razordons and Troll Slayer Orange for the Salamanders.

I drybrushed the skinks in Averland Sunset, as well as the scales on the Salamanders.

I then drybrushed the skin of the Skinks with Skink Blue, Origi Green on the Bellies of the Razordons, Etherium Blue on the Skink scales, Razordon Scales and Salamander bellies.

The Skinks skin is glazed with Temple Guard Blue, their scales with Maccabre Blue and their crests with Evil Sun Scarlet.

I glazed the belly of the Razordon with Caliban Green and Spikes with Abbadon Black, the Salamanders were a mix of Eshin Grey and Evil Sun for the bells and Troll Slayer Orange for the Scales.

I then highlighted the crests with Wild Rider Red, Pokey sticks with Dryad Bark and Metal with Leadblecher.

I then glazed the Fin with Averland Sunset and washed the whole model with Crimson/Lahmian 50/50 mix

I started the bases by painting them blue and adding random sotek green patterns.

I highlighted the Salamanders with lighter variants of the colours and painted any small armour on them

I painted the claws and teeth of all the creatures using Zandri Dust, Agrax and then a watered down Ushabti Bone.

I then added the Agrellan Earth to the bases and left 24 hours to cure.

Once it was fired, I painted up the bases and they were finished!

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