Sunday, 26 June 2016

Miniature Showcase: Tyler Mengel, Endless Deserts

Meet Tyler Mengel, of Mengel Miniatures. you probably although know of him and if you do you have probably seen his amazing battletome and army of the Endless Deserts. Although this isn't just a model or even models I am showcasing, I believe the whole project needs to be showcased as one due to the nature of it.

This to me shows the absolute potential of Age of Sigmar, the Realms are nearly infinite and so really anything can be anywhere. I have done the same with creating the campaign in the Realm of Ghur, but have not gone to these lengths. One blog can not comprehend the amount of work gone into this project. To see the project in full, download for free anything you wish from the site, visit

I managed to speak with Tyler and ask a few questions. Below is the chat we had as well as a few (and I mean only a few) pictures of the army and world he has created.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Miniature Showcase: Tim Davis, Great Unclean One

This will be a new section on the website which will showcase a miniature painted by a fellow warmer and hobbyist in the community. The showcase will give you some photos of the mini, plus a small interview with its creator about techniques they used, their life in the hobby and anything they want to promote themselves. I am hoping to get something done weekly and start to build up a catalogue of painters and hobbyists in one handy section.

Monday, 13 June 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Stormcast Eternals, Knight Venator

This guy worried me and therefore has been sitting on the to paint pile for a while. I finally dove in and got him done. The Bird scared me more than anything as I really wanted him to blend and pop. Below is How I Paint this model. 

Monday, 6 June 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Seraphon, Chameleon Skinks

This is it, the final Seraphon unit for the army. Probably the most gamey filthy too. I wanted to tie these into the current army colours but also look different to regular Skinks, so I used the Saurus colours but reversed.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Seraphon, Skink Starseer

The story behind my Seraphon army is one of a lost race evolved separately from their celestial cousins in the absence of a Slaan. The y are aware of the Slaan's existence through artefacts, lost temples and ruins but have been disconnected and therefore evolved to be more primeval. In the absence of the Slaan, the Skinks have taken on the roles of Priests and Shaman and the highest rank of these are the Skink Starseers, who are able to peer into the future and celestial realms to glimpse the plans of the Seraphon leaders.

'How I Paint' Series: Deathlord, Mannfred on Mortarch

I painted this model for my brother who has recently starting collecting a Death army. He loves playing but does not enjoy painting, hence this is where I come in. He wanted a centrepiece model for his army but did not want to use Nagash. I mentioned to use a Mortarch and he loved this idea of a Soulblight/Nighthaunt heavy army.