Thursday, 2 June 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Deathlord, Mannfred on Mortarch

I painted this model for my brother who has recently starting collecting a Death army. He loves playing but does not enjoy painting, hence this is where I come in. He wanted a centrepiece model for his army but did not want to use Nagash. I mentioned to use a Mortarch and he loved this idea of a Soulblight/Nighthaunt heavy army.

So on his list of things to buy he has:

Blood Knights, Hexwraiths, Spirit Hosts, Vargheists, Vampire Lord, Necromancer, Zombie Dragon and Morghast. Plus some Zobies and Skeletons to be used for summoning.

He decided to build his Mortarch as Mannfred and wanted to tie him into the Nighthaunt theme using the Oxide paint used on Nagash in the Warhammer TV video.

And so it begins, looks like I am painting up a Death army.

The Mortarch was undercoated in Corax White to help with the effect when I paint on the Nihilakh Oxide, Mannfred was undercoated in Chaos Black, then Grey at a 45ªº angle and finally, Corax White from the top view.

Nihilakh Oxide was applied to all the skulls that make up the Mortarch's insides as well as the spirits that surround the monster.

I used Abbadon Black to paint the Armour and edge highlighted it up with Mechanicus Standard Grey and  Administratum Grey.

I washed the spirits with Colea Greenshade and popped him on a base.

I used the Nagash Warhammer Tv video idea of blending which uses Greenshade and Lahmain Medium in a 1:3 ratio applying shade glazes over the required area to darken it down and blend it together on the cloak. The Red is Khorne Red. 

The rest of Mannfred was easier to paint, Abandon Black for armour, edge highlighted with Runefang Steel, Retributor Gold and Fleshshade for Trims. For his skin, I painted Utherun Grey, Fleshed and Glaze of Palyd Witch Flesh, eyes are abandon black and Druchii Violet.

Thats it!