Monday, 6 June 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Seraphon, Chameleon Skinks

This is it, the final Seraphon unit for the army. Probably the most gamey filthy too. I wanted to tie these into the current army colours but also look different to regular Skinks, so I used the Saurus colours but reversed.

I sprayed some pre highlights onto the model first and drybrushed the Skink with Loren Green

I glazed the skink with Death World Forest.

I glazed the Scales with Caliban Green and the hoods and backpacks with Stegadon Scale Green. I also filled in all the slot holes with a texture paint.

I glazed the blow pipes and straps etc with Dryad bark

I painted the bases with a deep blue.

and then added the crackle paint and painted the gold bracelets.

The base rims were painted with Mechanicus Standard Grey

Once the crackle paint went off, I drybrushed with tyrant skull and Etherium blue and added some tufts and they were done!

A very easy unit to paint in 3 hours due to the fact I zenithal highlighted pre glazes.

I will now aim to get a full army shot and look forward to playing with them for the rest of the year.

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