Monday, 18 July 2016

'How I paint' Series: Deathlords, Morghast Harbinger

I have wanted to paint these since the end times and finally had an excuse to get some done. I preferred the look of the Harbingers rather than the Archai so went with that. I also wanted to make sure they tied in with the rest of the army, so I undercoated white (except the armour, which I pre highlighted.

The first step is to get the beginning of the blend on the swords. I used Incubi Darkness in an airbrush, blending as best I could to the Corax white undercoat.

Showing some zenithal pre highlights on armour.

Paint all of the skulls and ethereal effects with Nihilakh Oxide

For the bone, I started with a thin glaze of Zandri Dust

I then washed with a thinned down Fleshshade, and washed the Skulls with Coleia Greenshade

I glued on the breastplate.

After the wash was dry, I used Ushabti bone to glaze over the bone to lighten it back up

I then washed the wing membranes with Nuln oil, straight over the Corax spray and glazed the armour in Maccagre Blue.

I used Khorne Red to glaze the wing membranes and the upper armour panels

I washed the armour with Drankenhoff Nightshade and Crimson

I used Retributor Armour for the gold details.

(Group shot - Pre Highlights)

I used Stormhost Silver then the Gem effect paint on the centre stone, Mephiston Red for the red highlights, Stormhost for the blue armour highlights followed by a glaze of GW blue, Sybarite Green for the swords and Screaming Skull for the bone. 


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