Wednesday, 6 July 2016

'How I paint' Series: Nighthaunt, Hexwraiths

These models are fantastic. The detail and poses on them are superb, so dynamic. I have finally taken the plunge and ordered myself an airbrush, so thought these would be a great way of testing it out. (Note - Make sure you get a facemask)

I started by priming them with Corax White and then with Incubi Darkness in the airbrush, (note- GW paints need a lot of thinning in the airbrush) I sprayed from a 45º angle down the cloth. 

I also under sprayed the riders with Incubi too.

Once the Incubi was dry, I used Nihilakh Oxide and airbrushed from beneath to blend the two colours together. This blend would have taken so much effort without an airbrush. In fact I don't think I could ever achieve the results with a paint brush.

I also used the airbrush to coat the riders with Nihilakh Oxide, but the skeleton horses were painted on with the same paint.

I used a 1:3 mix of Coilea Greenshade and Lahmain Mdeium to darken down the shadows, then painted the ethereal flames in waywatcher green. I glazed on black to the body of the scythe and painted the metal with leadbelchers, nuln oil and runefang steel.

I highlighted the cloth with Sybarite Green and White Scar.

Once they were based, I called them done.