Monday, 11 July 2016

Review: Pitched Battles, Battleplan - Blood and Glory

This game was played by Mark and Mike down at the club, and by the looks of it, it is brutal. 

As before the set up is alternating set up turns depending on who won a dice roll to go first. Models set up 12" from enemy territory. 
There are 4 objectives as displayed and the objective of the game is to control all 4 by the end of round 5. One player would win a major victory if they control all 4 by the end of turn 3. 

Mark played with Ogors and was up against an Order Alliance, mainly stormcast, with a Prime. Mark fielded 2000pts of Gutbusters and set up very aggressively. Mike with his Stormcast set up more conservatively to shoot the Ogors and soften them up a bit first. This I can tell you didn't work. Ogres are brutal and their brutality ran over the Stormcast by turn 2. Prime came down, killed a few off but was murdered swiftly. 

The scenario really calls for good deployment and movement. You need to capture objectives, leave some men to defend and move on. Try to ignore enemy forces out in the open and concentrate on scoring. Mike, I believe tried too hard to protect his own objectives and in turn this is why the ogres managed to kill him off. 

Great simple scenario, just like the first.

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