Sunday, 10 July 2016

Review: Pitched Battles, Battleplan - Take and Hold

Tuesday just gone, down at the club, Kye and myself played through the first of the six battleplans in the Pitched Battles section of Matched Play in the Generals Handbook, Take and Hold.

The objective of the battle plan is to hold your own objective in your terioty (with 5 models or more) whilst trying to take over your enemies objective (with 5 models or more). If from turn three you control both, you win. 

We also took the opportunity to play with GH points, and army building suggestions. So we both picked a 2000pt army, with 3+ battle line, no more than 5 leaders, 0-4 behemoths and 0-4 artillery. I played with Seraphon and was up against Kye's Skaven.

Set up was usual alternating deployment. Each objective was placed in the middle of your own territory, 9" away from the board edge. My tactic was a simple one. Monsters and Cavalry to flank, Saurus Warriors, Skink Starseer and Engine of the Gods to hold objective and General to charge the middle to delete the 40 clanrats he had set up to defend his objective.

It started so well, Knights flanked the left, bastiladon held back to shoot the Vermin King, Troglodon and Razordon flanked right, Oldblood on Carnosaur ran the middle and deleted 40 clan rats in turn 2 and got Vermin King down to 1 wound. I came unstuck when I realised Saurus Knights are crap. After Kye's 1st unit of Clan rats died, he sent another 10 to defend the objective, plus a Warlord, Chieftain, Arch Warlock and Hellpit. The Knights and Ripperdactyls (which also now are no where near as strong with the Three Rules of 1) deleted the clan rats but could kill the Lord, Banner boy and Warlock, he in turn killed a few Knights so we both had less than 5 models and no one held objective. Therefore the winner was decided on who killed the most points at end of turn 5.

Kye killed 1480pts of Seraphon, whilst I killed 920 points of his. So Kye won a minor victory. I think my mistake was trying to hard to kill the units with 5 models or model, leaving the Leaders and therefore not killing enough points. He concentrated on killing my Behemoths and so only left me with Battleline units and low cost characters. I tried to go for taking both objectives, whilst he concentrated on killing points and in the end I believe this is the better tactic for this mission. 

Great battle plan though, looking forward to the next one! 

Some Pictures of the fight!


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