Friday, 22 July 2016

Review: Season of War, Battleplan - Clash of Battlelines

So this week, our club played through the first of the Season of War campaigns, Clash of Battlelines. Instead of using the base as 10 models minimum, we used battline units. I was playing with my order army and was up against a Death army, led by Mannfred. 

His army was really choppy but didn't have any ranged power. He set up all his battle line units on the very edge, so I countered with some Liberators and Knights with the rest in the middle to buff.

The game was pretty brutal as units were in combat from the start. I used the command ability a few times to fall back and regroup and sent the Knights through the Realmgate on the last turn to effectively win the game. Mannfred is a beast in combat, Harbingers are amazing, but the save for the flyers in the Death army is pretty poo.

All in all, it was a great battle plan, but be aware it can get pretty grindy in the middle if you don't deploy correctly. Don't be afraid to chuck the battle line units as they come back again and again. 

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