Tuesday, 2 August 2016

'How I paint' Series: Flesh Eater Courts, Terrorgheist

Part of the death army that I am doing, I decided to get this model done for the Mengel Miniatures painting competition for the Season of War. Love this model, it is so dynamic, plus its rules are pretty good too.

Here is how I painted it up.

So building it was pretty easy, everything fit together nicely, no issues there.

I sprayed it black

Then airbrushed it grey from 45º and finally white from 90º to give a nice zenithal highlight.

I used a glaze of Incubi Darkness to paint the skin

and washed it with Coliea Greenshade.

(Back View)

For the wing membranes, I painted them Khorne Red

I then washed them twice with Nuln Oil to get them really dark in the recesses.

After this, I drybrushed them with Khorne Red, Mephiston Red and Evil Sun Scarlet working closer and closer to the tops and middle.

For the bone, which there is a lot of, I based it all with Zandri Dust

I then washed it all with Agrax Earthshade, giving the horns an extra wash down.

(Better view)

As a layer, I used Ushabti bone, glazed down slightly, leaving the darkest recesses.

I then drybrushed the horns with Rhinox hide and painted the tops with Rhinox hide to blend it all up to a solid colour.

(Bone fully painted up)

(View of the monsters head)

(Rear View)
Onto the muscle, I based it with Mephiston Red

Then washed it with Nuln Oil and Druchi Violet

Finally I painted thin lines of Genestealer Purple along the muscle lengths

Hard to see, but I painted the inside of his bellow with Nihiliak Oxide to give the impression of his screams power source, I also painted the inside of his mouth the same colour.

I based the monster in the same base scheme I used for the rest of the Death army and he was done! I hope this shows that tackling a large monster can be easy if you break it down into the relevant sections. Below is the finished pictures. One thing I didn't show was the steps of edge highlighting, I would say just go round the model looking for the sharpest details to edge highlight with a complementary colour, just to help the model pop more.


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  2. Great looking terrorgheist! Could you elaborate on what you mean by using a glaze of incubi darkness? It looks like the technique creates a really cool effect. Thanks!

    1. Hi dude! Thanks for your comment! A glaze of Incubi Darkness is basically a 60:40 mix of Incubi Darkness and either Glaze Medium from Vallejo (or just use water), make sure the paint is really really thin, then apply, so long as you have done the pre highlights using spray paints, Black to White, it gives you automatic shades and highlights.

  3. This is awesome! And the question I was going to ask is already answered below! Looks great.

  4. Hi, this is my favorite Terrorgheist on the web. I've been keeping this tutorial for when the time comes...
    I would like to know a little more on the edge highlights' appropriate color. Do you mean, using the latest lightest color you've used on each parts?
    Thanks in advance ;)