Monday, 15 August 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Silver Tower, Knight Questor

So I have finally started on the painting of the boxset, I umm'd and arr'd about what to start with, but in the end decided on the Heros. I have recently painted some Stormcast, so decided to start here. The Knight Questor!

I started by undercoating and pre highlighting Black, Grey and White, then added Retributor Armour all over, followed by Retributor and Auric Gold in a 50:50 mix from 45ยบ angle.

I then shaded with a glazed down mix of Reikland Fleshshade

Then done a top down highlight of Auric Gold (mixed with 50% glaze medium).

Onto the Blue, I added a glaze mix of Maccagre Blue over the outside of the cloak, the shoulder pad and Knee pad.

I painted the decoration on the helm with a glaze of Mephiston Red and drybrushed with Troll Slayer Orange.

The Sword is Leadbelcher and Nuln Oil, followed by a dry brush all over (including the Gold) with Stormhost Silver. The inside of the cloak, the shield and pad details and symbol on the outside of the cloak was painted using Ulthanian Grey.

(View of back of cloak) This is achieved with 3 coats of glaze mix Maccagre and 1 of Gulliman Blue over a Zenithal highlighted undercoat.

The loin cloth is Rhinox hide and Rakarth Flesh highlight, and the Tabard is Rakarth Flesh and Agrax Earthshade.

(Back View)

So, onto the base, all I have done for the Silver Tower models to make it easier is a bit of Dark Earth texture paint from Vallejo, then painted Stormhost Silver and then Blue Gemstone paint. And below is the finished model. Thanks for looking!

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