Thursday, 4 August 2016

Road to #RAW16 - Carmine Dragon

So I have started on my journey! Well by started I mean, I have purchased a Carmine Dragon. Always wanted an excuse to get this model and now I have one! This shall play the part of my Legendary Character in RAW, I shall be getting a Bretonnian Lord to model on top of it. I am really hoping this won't be a massive amount of resculpting as i would like to use the Dragon on its own after the event, so need the option to remove the rider.

So the question is now, how shall I paint it up when it gets here? It feels like such a long time ago, I bought a model to paint for myself (except Silver Tower, which I am equally excited about). I am thinking of a dark red theme blending to black scales and a light brown underbelly. Will contrast nicely with the Blue and White heraldry of the Bretonnian Lord sitting on top.

In other news I have forked out a small fortune on cavalry bases for the rest of the Bretonnian army. So looking forward to getting stuck in to some serious rebasing!

How is everyone else's progress going? What are you working on and towards at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Finishing assembly on the Seraphon Start Collecting set (because I couldn't resist dinosaurs from the stars!) and then commencing assembly on the Sylvaneth start colllecting set, which I am super excited to paint (and will be my first real attempt at painting minis)

  2. Awesome! Let me know your twitter handle or where you'll be sharing your progress, looking forward to seeing it! Good Luck dude