Thursday, 29 September 2016

'How I Paint' Series - Carmine Dragon Part 2 (Road to #RAW16)

So today I bring you my painting log detailing How I paint the Carmine dragon, this model has taken me 2 months, the longest I have ever spent on a single model, but seeing as I paid a small fortune for it, I thought I should spend a little longer on it.

Here is how I painted the beast up!

Building and Priming

Don't normally give this part of the painting its own step, but seeing as how much of a pig it was, I thought I had better. The plastic is top quality as you would except from Forge Wolrd, but the size of the gaps between sections was something I wasn't expecting. As you can see from below pics, you need green stuff to fix it, but once it is fixed, it is then onto the good bit!

Model Built

Gaps after glueing

Green stuff

Back View

I primed the model Black using Chaos Black spray from GW, I then sprayed Cold Grey from Vallejo at a 45ยบ angle and Dead White (Vallejo) from the top to give the model some pre highlights.

Chaos Black

Pre Highlight

Another View

Painting her up

It took a little while to decide on a colour scheme, but finally went with Red, Black and Cream. I used my airbrush to lay down the Gory Red (Vallejo Game Air), but this was only to save time, it could easily be done instead with a brush. This took 3 thin coats to build up the red, i then washed it all with Nuln Oil to give some contrast in between the scales.

Airbrush Gory Red

To paint the belly, I first drybrushed over the whole area with Rakarth Flesh, then painted the belly area with the same colour avoiding the outeredge, this gives a blend effect between the belly and the red. I followed this with a wash of Agrax Earthshade and further all over dry brush of Rakarth Flesh and Palid Wytch Flesh to build up highlights.

Dirty Belly effect.

I went back to the scales to start brightening them back up. I started by dry brushing on Mephiston Red, very lightly and building up, this was followed by edge highlights on all the individual scales of Evil Sunz Scarlet, there is a lot of scales. I concentrated a lot of effort into the head wrinkles.

Dry brush Mephiston


Edge Highlight Evil Sunz

Scale Close up

I wanted to blend the nose into the skin, so I done many many layers of Nuln Oil, gradually working back from the red to a pure black.
I then went onto the horns, which again there is a lot of. I tried to follow the tutorial on the Maw Crusha on the GW youtube. So I mixed a 50:50 mix of Rhinox Hide/Lahmian Medium and painted around the bases of the horns, I followed this with  Rhinox Hide bad coat on all the horns.

Onto the Spine detail on her back, I wanted this to be brighter than the scales so it popped. I spoke with Ming in a bit of detail and he suggested I do this as a brighter red. I started by basing in Mephiston Red, I followed this with a wash of Crimson and a layer of Evil Sunz Scarlet. I finally washed all the recesses with a glaze of Abbadon Black and edge highlight of Fire Dragon Bright before glazing all over with Bloodletter to tie the colours together.

For the wings, I based in Abbadon Black, then drybrushed with Eshin Grey, I followed this with a wash of Nuln Oil and finished with a drybrush of Stormfang. I will later follow this with some edge highlights of the rips and tears.

I decided at this point to tackle the horns, I painted 3/4 of these with Balor Brown and then 1/3 from the end with Screaming Skull, took a bit of time due to the shear amount of them but gives a good effect.

I finally moved onto the base, firstly laying down some Vallejo Dark Earth and then painting Rhinox Hide, I painted the tree Dryad Bark and Rocks Mechanicus Standard Grey, I washed it all with a heavy coat of Agrax Earthshade. I drybrushed the base and rocks with Tyant Skull whilst dry brushing the tree with Slyvaneth Bark. For the egg, I firstly painted it all over with Syraite Green before mixing this with Screaming Skull and dry brushing in a swirling motion to get an egg shell effect.

Just some bushes, flock and general woodland tufts added and The Girl is done!

In part 3, I will go over how I modelled the saddle and made her into a mounted option for my Bretonnian Lord.. This will also contain some more pro shots and maybe even a little video too!

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