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Review: Pitched Battles, Battleplan - Gifts from the Heavens

Firstly I do apologise about the lack of updates on the blog, I have been furiously painting for RAW16 as well as helping a friend paint his army too, on top of this we have started the preparations for Realm Hoppers in February. 

I did, this week gone have quite a busy gaming week, I played a small one day tournament on Saturday in Folkestone, Kent which surprisingly I managed to get 1st place which was cool. I also played Adam James (@warhammernerd) on Tuesday night, we decided to try out a 2500 point warhost pitched battle using all restrictions and this battleplan. Adam had yet to play a pitched battle and was keen to try.

I managed to get lots of pictures and so give you my review of it below.


Like most other Pitched Battle Battleplans, deployment is on the 12" line from your board edge, alternating units until all have been dropped. But Adam went with the Waystone Pathfinder formation which allows him to declare the units from this battalion are in the woods and will be deployed in his first movement phase. So the board looked like this, My whole army bunched up, trying to protect the flanks from alpha striking Wanderers, the units not part of the formation from Adams army were deployed as far away from me as possible.


Turn 1 - Free Peoples

So as Adam didn't have that many drops, he chose who went first and he decided to choose me to go first, we had a talk about this and thought at the time this may have been the wrong decision for him. Turned out very different. I moved my army up enough to improve me positioning to await to the alpha strike, I buffed the Knights with Blessing to give them 5+ Ward Save, I used Command Ability on Griffin itself to give +1 to hit, run and charge. I mystic Shielded Griffin thinking he would be No.1 target for shooting, I also cast Wildform on Knights to give +1 to Wound on them, incase they were charged. I bunched everything around the Hurricanum and Luminark to give their auras of protection to as many things as I could.

(Turn 1 Free Peoples movement)

(The Free People await their fate to the Aelves)

(Men at Arms hold the left flank in case Aelves pop up here)

(Luminark held back to give a bubble of a 10" Ward Save)

(Carmine Dragon pushed up to stop any Aelves popping up and killing General from front)

Turn 1 - Wanderers

So after a while of Adam working out where he wanted to bring his army up from, he went for 30 Glade Guard 9" away from my right flank, 20 more Glade Guard, 10 Wildwood Rangers, his Nomad Prince, Waywatcher Lord and Wayfinder around the tower, his Wild Riders and Sisters around the Realmgate and the last 20 Wildwood Rangers and Spellweaver in his own territory. He used his 30 Glade Guard closest to me to shoot down the Hurricanum which I did not cover enough using his Arcane Bodkins -3 Rend, the rest of the shots went into some Liberators taking a few off.

(Glade Guard on the hill)

(More Glade Guard and Wildwood Rangers on my flank)

(Overall end of Turn 1)

Turn 2 - Wanderers Double Turn

Not a lot of Movement in his double turn, but moving up slowly to get more ranged attacks in, Adams shooting wasn't as brutal this turn and only managed to pick off a few more Liberators. The Comet came down in his Hero phase, but over on the left flank, where his army wasn't basically. His Wardancers moved to control that objective to start the scoring.

Turn 2 - Free Peoples

I got all the buffs off in the Hero phase, my comet also came down in the flank away from Adams main army too, which made his head drop thinking he was completely out of the game. We talked about this and soon realised all that was needed was to make use of the Realmgates. I committed my knights to charging in on the Wild Riders, but they failed, the General also failed his charge. My two remaining Stormcast charged the Glade Guard, whilst all my shooting was pretty unsuccessful.  

(Squeezing through)

(Liberators hold up the Glade Guard)

The Carmine Dragon and Demigryphs took off to try and capture the other objective, they destroyed the Wardancers with ease, but couldn't kill the Shadowdancer therefore could not score on this objective. My Men at Arms managed to at least capture one of the objectives though.

(Carmine eating some wardancers)

(Overall battlefield view)

Turn 3 - Free People Double Turn

I for some reason decided on charging the knights in on the Wildwood Rangers and swiftly deleted them. I did not like the 20 other Wildwood Rangers on the other side, so moved my Griffin away, the Carmine Dragon and Demigryphs could not kill the Shadowdancer for a second round.. The Men at Arms at least scored another few points off their objective.

Turn 3 - Wanderers

I did not realise but the Waystone Battalion has a quirky and powerful rule. If you are within 12" (i think) of the Nomad Prince, you can shoot the enemy unit in the Hero phase. This was devistating and killed all 16 Knights over the 2 phases in which the Glade Guard could shoot them. The other 2 Key notes in this round, were the Wild Riders and Sisters coming through the Realmgates, charging the Men at Arms and deleting them, the Shadowdancer cast Bridge of Shadows on herself to fly over the Dragon towards the Wildwood Rangers, I got pretty beat up in this round all in all.

Turn 4 - Free Peoples

So a pretty decisive round, I managed to get all the buffs I could off, although a risk, I decided I needed to take out the Rangers, all I really had to do this was my Dragon, so off he flew that way. I also needed to take out the Wild Riders on the objective, my Griffin was my only hope here, but he was sitting on Mystical terrain and you guessed it... he rolled a 1. Game changing moment. I also completely fluffed the Carmine Dragons rolls and only killed 8 Rangers, in return, they cut him down with 26 wounds going through. Running low on time, it was here I called the game, although we had equal objective points, Adam would have easily gained the other objective and even easier, he would have won on kill points. 

So a major victory to the Wanderers and a lesson learnt by me. All in all, a brilliant scenario that can easily swing in any direction. 


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