Friday, 2 September 2016

Road to #RAW16 - Project Rebase!

I finally gave in and started the rebase project of my Brets and some Empire stuff. Dear god, why didn't I do this sooner! Bret Knights on Ovals just look damn sexy! Thought I would blog about how I done the bases.

Here is half of the project ahead, 43 cavalry, I tried to be lazy at first, by snipping the corners off the rectangle bases and then building up with Dark Earth texture and Sand. I wanted to blend the bases to the rest of my Order army, which includes Stormcast, Wanderers, Sylvaneth and Free People. The army is based in Ghur in the forests surrounding Cartha, a muddy overgrown region.

My lazy way was turning into a long drawn out process of building up 5mm to the top of the rectangle bases, then I would have had to paint around the horses too.

So plan B! Snip off the horses and build from scratch. I am so glad I did! I started by spreading some Vallejo Dark Earth texture onto the bases (with a butter knife) and leaving to dry overnight.

I then added some ruins, rocks, tree stumps and finally sand to give lots of different textures.

Sprayed them Chaos Black.

I then Airbrushed them all with Rhinox Hide (can be painted, but I wanted to save time), washed with Agrax Earthshade and drybrushed with Tyrant Skull, I painted the Rocks with Eshin Grey, washed them again with Agrax and Drybrushed with Danstone, I then drybrushed in random areas with Death World Forest to break up the Brown.

View of all the bases.

I then glued down the horses again using Mitre Fast - You can buy this from Amazon, it is a superglue but comes with an activator spray can, you spray the activator onto the bases, put the glue on horses feet and it sticks within 2 seconds and most importantly, remains stuck!

Lumiark and War Altar rebased too

I then went onto my infantry, again same principle. This time 56 bases!

(Picture after Agrax Earthshade was applied)

Bowmen, Green Knight and Pegasus looking much sexier on their rounds.

Family Photo

Onto the Flocking, tufts etc. I firstly applied Meadow Flowers, then some Battlefield Undergrowth, followed by some Battlefield tufts and finally patchy bits of flock.

The thing I like about a simple base scheme is that it doesn't distract from the model, earth greens and browns will compliment most models and in an army where I may want to add other factions in the future (looking at Phoenix Temple, more Sylvaneth, Fyreslayers and Order Draconis), these may have other colour schemes, but the basing will pull them all together nicely.

Brctonnain Infantry.

Finally I painted all the rims with Abbadon Black and was done. Like I say, should have done it months ago.

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