Wednesday, 19 October 2016

'How I Base' Series: Shattered Dominion, Ghur Ruseted Clockwork

Today I bring you my display board for Armies on Parade and #RAW. GW were kind enough to send me a single Shattered Dominion tile to paint up and review. I must say, the details on these tiles are amazing, so much going on but still not enough to distract from your miniatures when they finally get placed on them. I was really interested in seeing how well they took paint so got cracking pretty much straight away on it. Below is 'How I Paint' the board. 

Like any miniature, I undercoated the tile, this time using Chaos Black.

I started by base coating the main area in Castellan Green as I wanted the board to fit into my fluff of my armies arising from The Realm of Ghur.

I drybrushed in some Rhinox hide and Loren Forest to random patches to break up the main base colour.

I followed this with an all over dry brush of Ogryn Green to bring it all together.

For the stone work in random places, I painted these with Mechanicus Standard Grey, Washed them with Agrax Earthshade, then drybrushed with Dawnstone and Terminatus Stone.

For the clockwork, I wanted it be a rusted up ruined mural. I started by basing the whole area in Leadbelcher.

I then generously applied some Typhus Corrosion over all these areas.

I finished it off by dry brushing on some Ryza Rust quite moderately.

I went round all the edges of the cracks with Dawnstone to show the grass areas coming to an end and the stone coming through.

For the cracks themselves, I loved the idea of a magical glow coming up and through, I drybrushed all the edges with Temple Guard Blue, I painted all the cracks with this colour too, before drybrushing a tiny bit of Praxi White. I finished the cracks off with Gulliman Blue (See below)

Thats it. Only a few steps to create an interesting and diverse tile that doesn't take away from the paint jobs of your minis. I hope you find this useful if you ever decide to purchase the Shattered Dominion set.

The price is a little bit over for the set for me, but I can now see why they are as much as they are. The details are fantastic, the texture is great (especially for dry brushing) and miniatures just feel great placed on top. I may even at some stage add to this and create a scenery piece for games, it seems a shame to waste such a great detailed piece. I shall be using this as a display board for Events for now.

HobbyHammer Score: 4.5 / 5

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  1. Seen the complete set for £150, still not cheap but a substantial saving all the same. Great work BTW.