Wednesday, 12 October 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Colliegate Arcane, Battlemage on Griffin (Road to RAW16)

Today I bring you my latest model for my Free People army, the Battlemage on Griffon. I have wanted to paint this for a while and had it sitting in a box for a few years. I am attending Realm at War in a few weeks, so thought it the perfect opportunity to get it done. This is 'How I Paint' this miniature.

I left the rider off the model to paint, I undercoated Chaos Black and sprayed Corax White from above to define some shadows.

I painted the feathers with Incubi Darkness as the base coat.

I painted the body of the Griffon with Rakarth Flesh, I mixed a little Dryad Bark after and painted some shadows, then mixed a little White Scar and painted some highlights, after this a recess washed with Sepia Shade to define the muscles.

I airbrushed Kalabite Green to begin the blend on the feathers, this was done in 2 very thin coats.

(Top View)

I repeated the airbrush process with Sotek Green and finally Temple Guard Blue, I mixed a little white with Temple Guard at the end to lighten the top of the heads even more.

I then mixed Coelia Greenshade and Lahmian Medium in a 50:50 mix and washed the feathers to get definition in the recesses. 

I followed this up when it was completely dry with an all over light dry brush of Stormfang, this helped blend the colours together and pick out the top highlights.

(View of Wings)

I then began to get the white parts of the wings in place, I base coated in Rakarth Flesh, this took 2 coats to get to a solid colour.

I washed it down with a 50:50 mix of Agrax and Lahmian and drybrushed with Palid Wytch Flesh.

For the claws and beaks, I base coated these with Averland Sunset, I washed the claws heavily with Agrax Earthshade and washed the beak with Carroburg Crimson (see below picture). The claws were then drybrushed with Ushabti Bone and the Beak was edge highlighted with Cadian Fleshtone.

I moved onto the Gold details and base coated with Retributor Armour.

I then washed all over with Reikland Fleshade before lightly dry brushing with Stormhost Silver, as Duncan says, it is easier to add more then to take away!

The cloth on the front of the armour panel is a base of Rakarth Flesh, was with Agrax and dry brush with Palid Wytch Flesh, the animal skull is Zandri Dust, Ushabti layer, Agrax wash and Tyrant Skull dry brush. (See below pic)

I finished off the model by painting the eyes with Averland Sunset and Claws with Abbadon Black.

The Battlemage on top was pretty basic, but earthy colours do look great and are easy to do (which I why I always do it!) I started with an undercoat of Corax White. The Flesh was painted first using Cadian Fleshtone, Reikland Fleshshade then reestablish with a layer of Cadian Fleshtone again. I painted the cloak with Steel Legion Drab, the Trousers with Gorthor Brown, the Beard and leg bindings with Zandri Dust, the shoulder bags and reins with Dryad Bark and the Eagle head with Abbadon Black and Palid Wytch Flesh (simulate a Bald eagle)

I then washed this all over with Agrax Earth and reestablished colours with layers. The cloak was the then drybrushed using XV88, Zandri Dust and Tyrant Skull. 

(Back View)

Picture of finished rider.

I followed my standard basing scheme of Rhinox Hide for muddy areas, Eshin Grey (Dawnstone drybursh) for stones and rocks and ruins. The all over wash of Agrax Earth and dry brush of Terminatus Stone. Followed by various shrubs and flocks etc.

Here is the finished model. Hope you like, Let me know in the comments! Cheers

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