Monday, 14 November 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Arcane Ruins

I wanted to log this down in a blog to show just how far this £18RRP terrain set can stretch with a little imagination and a bitz box.
Today I bring you all the terrain pieces for the various Realms using the Arcane Ruins set. Hope you enjoy.

This was the first piece I made using the large base and spire, I glued this to a jigsaw cut 3mm ply base and added in some cork for rocks, skulls, tree stumps and Citadel Woods leave bits.
I added some Vallejo Darth Earth texture paint to the base and sprayed it all with Zandri Dust. I followed this with a coat of Mechanicus Standard Grey for the base, I washed the whole thing with Agrax Earthshade before drybrushing the Arcane Ruin with Karak Stone and Tyrant Skull. The great earth was drybrushed using Stormfang and Stormhost Silver.

I drybrushed the Citadel Woods leaves with Ryza Rust and added some Blood for the Blood God to the Ruins.

This piece is set in the cold Tundras of the Realm of Light so I added the large tree (eBay bought) and sprinkled some Krycell Snow effect over the terrain. To find out how to do this please watch...
(Precision Ice and Snow video tutorial)

I added a few more layers of snow and viola! 

This is a piece built for the Realm of Heavens, It is 3mm ply base, then some Arcane ruins and Wills Paving glued down.

I then applied some Vallejo Dark Earth to the rest of the base.

 I sprayed the whole thing Corax White then I painted the ruins with Rakarth Flesh, the stone tiles with Reikland Fleshshade and the dirt with Agrax. following this with a Praxi White dry brush and it was done.

This piece was built for the Realm of Death to go along with the Garden of Morr set, I used a 3mm ply base, with sand, Arcane Ruins, some Citadel leaves and gravestones glued down. This was followed by a Chaos Black undercoat all over.

I painted the sand with Dryad Bark, the Arcane Ruins and Gravestones with Mechanicus Standard Grey, the Skull i drybrushed with Ushabti and the leaves were base coated in Caliban Green

I then washed with Agrax Earthshade all over.

And finally used Tyrant Skull to dry brush the ground, Dawstone and Terminatus to dry brush the stone and Ogyrn Green on the leaves. 

This is a piece for the Realm of Shadows, using bits from Arcane Ruins set and Magewrath Throne, sand based and all glued down and undercoated.

I base coated all over with Eshin Grey

Washed with Nuln Oil

Drybrushed with Mechanicus and Dawnstone.

The small scatter piece is for the Realm of Beasts, lots of skulls and a broken Arcane Ruin, sanded and glued down. 

I base coated the ground with Rhinox Hide and Loren Forest patches, then followed the same principle as above piece.

End Result

This is a small piece for the Realm of Beasts, I used some bits from the bits box and glued it all down with PVA.

The base colours used were Mechanicus Standard Grey for Stone, Rhinox Hide for the ground, Dryad Bark for the wood elements and Leadlecher for the metallic.

I washed the whole thing with Agrax Earthshade then drybrushed with Dawnstone for the stone, Tyrant Skull for the ground, Sylvaneth Bark for the wood and Ryza Rust for the metals.

I added some Citadel Wood branches and leaves and flocked. 

This final piece is for the Realm of Life.

Base coated in Zandri Dust for the Ruins, Dryad Bark for the ground, Rhinox hide for the wood, Mechanicus for the Stone and Ushabti for the bone.

Washed all over with Agrax and drybrushed with Tyrant Skull for the ground and ruins and stone, Sylvaneth Bark for the wood. I added lots of Citadel Wood pieces and flocked. 

Thats all of them! Hope you enjoyed this and are inspired to get this kit and make many pieces yourself!

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