Monday, 28 November 2016

'How I Paint' Series: The Hobbit, Ruins of Osgiliath

This is another great terrain set I bought from GW, it is from the Hobbit section and is called the Ruins of Osgiliath. They have been doing a special offer of 3 sets for £54RRP and so I snapped it up. Again I wanted to show how far this set can stretch and this is how I build them up.

These first 3 pieces are for a Temple Mat and The Realm of Heavens board at Realm Hoppers, but would fit on any board nicely. Firstly as it is for the The Hobbit game, the scale is slightly smaller.. 25mm i believe, but this does not make too much difference.

I glued them to some 3mm ply bases and added in some Wills Paving York Stone before applying Vallejo Dark Earth texture paint all over.

I sprayed the whole piece with Corax white.

I then used Reikland Fleshshade and applied the wash straight over the undercoat to all the flooring stone pieces.

I painted the dirty floor areas with Agrax Earthshade, again straight over the Corax White, I applied Rakarth Flesh to the actual ruins and washed them with Agrax too.

I painted the wooden platform in Dryad Bark, Agrax wash and Slyvaneth Bark drybrush.

Finally I drybrushed all over, the ruins, floor and dirt with Praxi White and it was done! Easy when you just use shades to achieve an effect.

(Other two finished pieces) 

I glued these to a jigsaw cut 3mm ply base and added in some cork for rocks, rubble, tree stumps and Citadel Woods leave bits.

I added some Vallejo Darth Earth texture paint to the base and sprayed it all with Zandri Dust. I followed this with a coat of Mechanicus Standard Grey for the base. 

I painted some gold details in and I washed the whole thing with Agrax Earthshade. 

I drybrushed the Ruin with Karak Stone and Tyrant Skull. The Vallejo earth was drybrushed using Stormfang and Stormhost Silver.

I painted in the wood with Dryad Bark, washed with Agrax and Drybrushed with Slyvaneth Bark

This piece is set in the cold Tundras of the Realm of Light so I sprinkled some Krycell Snow effect over the terrain. To find out how to do this please watch...

(Precision Ice and Snow video tutorial)

This below piece is the for Realm of Life board:

I attached the ruins to a 3mm ply base and added in some scatter bits and cork as well as some Wills Paving, I sprayed the ruins with Mechanicus Standard Grey and then painted the sanded ground with Dryad Bark. I Painted the canon piece with Leadbelcher, then Stormhost. I followed this with an all over wash of Agrax Earthshade and drybrushed all over with tyrant Skull.

I glazed the paving with Gullimans Blue.

I added in the static grass and some Citadel Wood pieces, then added some Aquarium plants.

I added some moss effect undergrowth to the bases of the aquarium piece and it was done.


Close up.

Close up.

So thats it!, Finished the Ruins of Osgiliath pieces. and got quite a few out of it! I will be using the statues that come in the kit for the Realm of Heavens board. Hope this helps.

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