Wednesday, 16 November 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Warhamer Scenery, Chapel

Today I bring you a lost gem in the Warhammer scenery world! This is part of the old fortified manor which included the Watchtower and Walls and Fences, I managed to obtain one and once it was together, I realised just how awesome it is! 

Here is how I painted it for the Realm of Death board.

I sprayed it Chaos Black to undercoat it.

I then based it on 3mm Ply and sanded.

There are only 6 base colours, Mechanicus Standard Grey for the Stonework, Rakarth Flesh for the walls, Retributor armour for the gold details (Clock, Statues and trims), Leadebelcher for the windows, Dryad Bark for the ground, door and upper window frame and Incubi Darkness for the roof tiles.

I then washed all over with Agrax Earthshade. 

I finally, got the good old dry brush out and done the following. Rakarth Flesh for the walls, Dawnstone for the stone walls, Stormhost Silver for the gold and silver, Sylvaneth Bark for the wood details, Tyrant Skull for the ground and Karabite for the roof tiles. I picked out all the rivets and bolts with Stormhost Silver and I finished it with a little flock and done!

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