Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Podcast: Prologue Episode, Ohh Baby!.. I like it RAW

Welcome to the first episode of HobbyHammer, a brand new podcast coming from us, The HobbyHammer club in Ramsgate, Kent. This was purely a tester episode that we recorded in the car coming back from the Event, but the quality was pretty good and the conversation wasn't shit, so we thought we may as well upload it and send it out into the big wide world.

On the podcast we have leading the way Adam James (@warhammernerd) and he is joined by Sean Houghton (@hobbyhammer) and Kye Baker (@kyebaker). We discuss our lists, the synergies, what we would drop and replace, painting, games, legends and Sean rambles on for too long and gets pretty boring at one point about Reggio (The Most Famous).

Hope you enjoy! They will get better, maybe.

WARNING: This podcast does contain swearing, profanities and is not suitable for children, the elderly or people easily offended. You have been warned.

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