Monday, 12 December 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Endless Deserts, Temple Pyramid

Good day to you all! Today I bring you my first scratch build terrain guide. I attempted and hope you agree, succeeded in sculpting, building and painting a 'Mayan' style temple pyramid using polystyrene. This was great fun and a great excuse to try my hands on my new Hot Wire Cutter toy. Here is 'How I Made' the piece.

The first part was to get the main shape set up. I wanted this to be a centrepiece so made it quite large. The Bottom stone section is 400x400mm and works up to a 100x100mm square at the top.

The trims all the edges of the sections to get a more weather beaten effect, I will add some holes and extra weathering after the piece is together.

I followed this making some stairs, these were free hand sculpted again to get a more weathered look.

From here I trimmed the edges of the rest of the square sections before glueing them all in place. I used cocktail sticks and PVA glue to get it all together.

I then glued the whole thing down to a ply sheet.

I added some sand to most of the area and some Wills Paving too.

I sealed it all with PVA

I then spray painted the whole thing with Zandri Dust.

From here I decided to chop the path way off and use this for something else, I drybrushed the whole pyramid with Tyrant Skull and Screaming skull.

I finally added a few desert tufts and it was finished! 

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