Monday, 1 February 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Seraphon, Saurus Warriors

Painting Seraphon: Saurus Warriors

From the Colours of Seraphon post, I decided to paint the Saurus in a Komodo Dragon style colour scheme. I was very dubious at first as I haven't seen any sort of tutorials on this. But now they are done, I'm glad I did. I went for a under dry brush and glaze over painting technique (which is now my favourite technique).

But first of course, undercoat Black.

I then base coated them all in Stegadon Green

I then done an all over dry brush of Straken Green

Followed by a lighter dry brush of Etherium Blue and a final focused dry brush of White Scar.

I then used Caliban Green and added lots of drops of water to make a glaze to paint the bellies and skin. The scales were painted with a glaze mix of Death World Forest.

I then dry brushed the scales with Origi Green.

The teeth and claws were painted with Zandri Dust base, Agrax wash and Ushabti Bone layer.

The Gold was Retributor Armour and Fleshshade. And the shields were under dry brushed, then glazed with Mephiston Red and over dry brushed with Wild Rider. 

Next stage was the base them, which i done in same way as the OldBlood

So here they are!