Monday, 22 February 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Seraphon, Saurus Knights

Painting Seraphon: Saurus Knights

Finally got round to painting these. I have kept the green style of the Saurus which guide to paint can be found in previous post on Saurus Warriors. The Cold Ones guide is below.

I went with Celestial Spears, i like the idea of mortal wounds on the charge.

As described in the colours of Seraphon post, I am going for this look eventually.

I based their scales in Khorne Red

Drybrushed with Averland Sunset.

Then I based the skin with Rakarth Flesh.

I then washed the skin with Agrax, and drybrushed with Wrack White, and also drybrushed the scales with FireBright Orange.

I based the saddle with Rhinox, the strapping with Zandri and Claws with Eshin Grey. I washed with Agrax and Nuln.

I painted the Eyes Blue and collar Gold with a Fleshshade wash.

I then started on the bases.

Next up were the riders, these are the same scheme as the previous Saurus Warriors which can be found in earlier post. But here are some WiP pics.