Thursday, 2 June 2016

'How I Paint' Series: Seraphon, Skink Starseer

The story behind my Seraphon army is one of a lost race evolved separately from their celestial cousins in the absence of a Slaan. The y are aware of the Slaan's existence through artefacts, lost temples and ruins but have been disconnected and therefore evolved to be more primeval. In the absence of the Slaan, the Skinks have taken on the roles of Priests and Shaman and the highest rank of these are the Skink Starseers, who are able to peer into the future and celestial realms to glimpse the plans of the Seraphon leaders.

'How I Paint' Series: Deathlord, Mannfred on Mortarch

I painted this model for my brother who has recently starting collecting a Death army. He loves playing but does not enjoy painting, hence this is where I come in. He wanted a centrepiece model for his army but did not want to use Nagash. I mentioned to use a Mortarch and he loved this idea of a Soulblight/Nighthaunt heavy army.