Friday, 1 July 2016

Miniature Showcase: Wayne Kemp, Ogroid (Silver Tower)

Today I managed to track Wayne Kemp off of HeelanHammer down for a few minutes to ask a few questions. Wayne is a major part of the AoS community for a lot of people. He co-hosts the podcast HeelanHammer, he is a part creator of the biggest Age of Sigmar tournament in the UK, The South Coast Grand Tournament, and now he has also had a large input on the upcoming Generals Handbook. On trolling through Twitter I was stopped by the a post of the finished model of Ogroid (part of the Silver Tower boxset). The vivid colours and contrasts Wayne has created look amazing, the zenithal effect of the skin and blended effects of the hooves and loin cloth are very striking.

This model is one of many Wayne has painted recently from the Silver Tower box. For more of his work go see him over on Twitter - @WayneKemp13

Miniature Showcase: Chris Bainbridge, Lord of Plague

I came across this model on and loved the effects Chris has managed to achieve on the model. The highlights on the armour and skin really impressed me and I wanted to find out more on how he created them. TGA or The Grand Alliance Community is a great place for Age of Sigmar at the moment, created by Ben off of BadDice podcast, it is a forum, blog spot, gallery and event holder full of people who love Age of Sigmar. I also managed to get a few questions answered by Chris to find out a bit more on techniques and himself generally as a hobbyer.