Saturday, 2 July 2016

Review: The Generals Handbook

The General's Handbook!

Review by Sean of HobbyHammer

I was really excited to find a copy of the Generals Handbook (GH) on my doorstep from GW a few weeks earlier. I couldn't wait to get reading to see what direction Games Workshop are taking this game in. I have to say, I am not disappointed with them and this book is now a new bible for me. As the website name suggests, for me the game is all about Hobby, and if you have been following or been part of my other website,, you will also know narrative gameplay is huge for me. I was extremely excited by the 2nd way of playing and the release of the Summer campaign in The Realm of Life gave all of us at the club a huge Hobby boner. I have broken the book down into the three sections for review and will cover as much of it as possible, obviously this post is my review and so will contain my opinions, I have no official tie in with GW (apart from the financial tie in we all have). I will also conclude as to what I believe will be the next steps for Age of Sigmar.