Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Review: Pitched Battles, Battleplan - Gifts from the Heavens

Firstly I do apologise about the lack of updates on the blog, I have been furiously painting for RAW16 as well as helping a friend paint his army too, on top of this we have started the preparations for Realm Hoppers in February. 

I did, this week gone have quite a busy gaming week, I played a small one day tournament on Saturday in Folkestone, Kent which surprisingly I managed to get 1st place which was cool. I also played Adam James (@warhammernerd) on Tuesday night, we decided to try out a 2500 point warhost pitched battle using all restrictions and this battleplan. Adam had yet to play a pitched battle and was keen to try.

I managed to get lots of pictures and so give you my review of it below.