Monday, 7 November 2016

Building the Rise of Empires; Realm Hoppers 2017

I probably bit off more than I could chew on this, but so far I have loved making, painting and building the terrain for the Realm Hoppers event in February 2017. I know this year is only a one layer, but I am mostly building for the future of this event too, knowing that from 2018 onwards it is to be a larger 2 day narrative event. Plus I wanted to make sure who ever comes to the event will be able to immerse themselves in the narrative feel as best as they can, the best way to make a great story is to play on great looking boards.

This page serves as the landing space for all the terrain pieces of the Realm Hoppers event, I have split the sections into the tables that will be played on, on the day. In time this will fill out as more and more pieces are finished, hopefully, my aim to have small 'How I Paint' series on the majority of the terrain to by clicking through on the relevant pictures. 

I hope you enjoy looking through! (Disclaimer: A lot of what you see is Work in Progress)

Table 1: Realm of Aqshy - Brimstone Peninsula (Fire)

Overlord Bastion (Centrepiece)