Monday, 21 November 2016

#RAW16 Game 1 - The Legend of Reggio!

What a weekend! What an Event. I have just got back from #RAW16, the first of what I hope is a new kind of Age of Sigmar event, a narrative based 6 game mammoth event. First a massive shout out to the organisers and all round awesome people, Jim, Steve, Mark and Ming, Also a massive shout out to the fellow Legends, the participants and amazing new friends.

RAW16 enabled me to tell a story of Reggio and his Wolves of Ghur on their quest to learn more about the fragments buried around the Mortal Realms. He, like all the other players started his journey as a small aspirant, a warrior marked for greatness. I will try my best to tell his story through this post and hopefully give you a small look into just how awesome this was.

SPOiLER: Reggio done his job and will go down in history as The Most Famous, his reputation surpassing every other, although he died in a last brutal battle, his journey saw him do things no fear mortal should be able to.

Through the Realmgates: