Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Podcast: Prologue Episode, Ohh Baby!.. I like it RAW

Welcome to the first episode of HobbyHammer, a brand new podcast coming from us, The HobbyHammer club in Ramsgate, Kent. This was purely a tester episode that we recorded in the car coming back from the Event, but the quality was pretty good and the conversation wasn't shit, so we thought we may as well upload it and send it out into the big wide world.

#RAW16 Game 2 - The Quest Begins

Game 2 was against Simon Roberts (@simonroberts87) and his Grots! A smaller game at 1200 points and this time on the Realm of Ghyran Skyoak table. This game was so much fun, I love playing the Moonclan and their shenanigans. I was up against 80 Grots, 5 Fanatics, A shaman, his aspirant and a Magma dragon.

Straight away as soon as the Magma Dragon was placed I knew Reggio's goal in this game. He would become a legendary Dragon hunter and kill that thing. I had a secret Alliance objective too of killing his General who was his Aspirant. Set up was 12" around a Realmgate and 12" away from enemy deployment zone and you had to search for fragments hidden in Terrain pieces.