Wednesday, 7 December 2016

'How I Paint' - Realm of Ghur, Cartha Water Font

Today, I bring you my small terrain piece, The Font of Cartha. It is based on the water fountain in the audio drama series from Game Workshop, in the story, The Stormcast are holding a treetop city in the Realm of Ghur called Cartha, they tell tales of the font which for half the year, man can drink from without consequence with is titled the Time of Man. For the other time though, in The Time of the Beast, if you drink from the fountain, you basically turn into an Ungor! Seeing as I have a board at Realm Hoppers based on Cartha, I thought I would model it.

I found the water fountain and statue pieces on eBay, I cut a 3mm bit of ply and stuck down some Wills paving and Sand as well as the font using PVA